Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ireland book Vol 1 : Personalities: Piers Butler, Lord Galmoy

Piers Butler, Lord Galmoy was a character who polarized opinion. He is vilified in Protestant histories of the conflict as a brutal, duplicitous and arrogant man will little time for the niceties of war.
Hero or Villain? Piers Butler

He was feared and respected as a dashing if bloody cavalry commander and his regiment of Horse were hated by the enemy.
His equipment is commensurate with his status

In certain accounts aspects of his conduct have been highlighted including the hanging and beheading of prisoners after he went back on a prisoner exchange deal. How much myth and post war propaganda have been built around him is unclear.

Butler lived to the ripe old age of  83 having served long and hard as a cavalry general in the French Army. He was much respected and admired so I suspect some of his legacy reputation in Ireland at least is propaganda.

Where is my Regiment?

I have chosen a haughty and intimidating model to represent the formidable peer. It is the officer figure from WLOA50 and placed on a standing horse he seems to carry considerable authority.

I chose a rich purple for his horse furniture and he has turned out to be one of the more extravagant looking personalities in the set.


  1. Great info, I never knew he was that vilified?

  2. Great post and beautiful figure...83 years is impressive!

  3. there is a story about his men using enemy heads as footballs after an execution. Hard to dismiss or validate Ray.. colourful character though. I always give the Williamite Irish Foot a -1 on morale when charged by Galmoy's but a +1 in combat if they survive the minus morale check... I like balance you see :)


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