Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Scrivener's revenge? Hilton hits Marlborough Cult with conspiracy slur!

The Marlborough Fanzine issue

Well, it is no news that I am not Supporter #1 in the 'John Churchill for beatification campaign'. When Wargames Illustrated asked me if I wanted to contribute to their 'Marlborough Special' edition I decided the answer was... yes, but.

OK, so I liked Rainbow very much!

The but was;  I wrote a piece which presented a slightly altered image of the great man and cast him in the role of shadowy political manoeuvre-meister in an age of duplicitous, self serving, double dealing by the great and the not so good of Europe.

Anti Churchill bile from Hilton.. dripping off the page

Well of course, my tongue was definitely placed very firmly in  my cheek. The scenario is a Donnybrook piece built around a factual assassination plot aimed at William III in 1696 at Turnham Green.. now a rather uninspiring stop on the Piccadilly line.

More objective writing from Nick Eyre

I get to put all sorts of things in print which will annoy the Churchill Fan boys (of course cranking that particular handle was mostly the point of writing in the first place) but behind my shameless poking and scurrilous implications there is an interesting and challenging scenario there which pits a disparate combination of anti Williamite groups against William's inner circle accompanied by detachments of his Dutch Gardes du Corps and set in the claustrophobic and smelly streets of 17th century London.
smug beyond belief.... The Scrivener

If you get a chance blag your mate's copy or, please the Rupert Murdoch of wargaming publications Danny 'Warbucks' Faulconbridge and buy a copy!

Incidentally, for a mega wonderful tour through 17th century London please visit and search for it using: fly through 17th century London


  1. Sounds a very interesting article Sir?? I shall be parting with a few pound coins to purchase the mag, that's for sure! I've just read your last article on the imagination battle of 1692, loved it!

  2. "Smug beyond belief" you just look pissed as usual!

  3. Admittedly it was quite strong although it looks a bit poncy

  4. As President of the 'Marlborough Is the Greatestest Ever Society' and the 10th reincarnation of the Duke, I am currently spitting my port! I shall be reading it only to see to what extent I am offended by this scurrilous article, you latter day Swift!

  5. Finally, someone who thinks you are swift!

  6. Of course he was a jacobite sympathiser according to some. So all that political intrigue may not be too far from the truth.

  7. Great stuff Barry....& the 'Margarita' looks good too!

  8. It was a particularly nice Margarita Paul, decadence prevailed and I had two! I'll take the Swiftian comparison thanks :)
    Although the substance of the scenario is utter conjecture, Churchill was such a devious individual that I would bet he was aware of an assassination plot on the King... he may have had an indirect hand in it.... probably smart enough not to be the man directing the 'hit'!
    No doubt I will be hearing from Natholeon's lawyers presently...

  9. Ah.. I forgot you were a Marlborough Fanboy too Dobby!

  10. "shadowy political manoeuvre-meister in an age of duplicitous, self serving, double dealing by the great and the not so good of Europe."

    Many less skilled in the above age didn't survive long enough to command great armies in the age of musical monarchs.

    I have to admit to being a bit of a fanboy but its nice to have a counter poise to hero worship and an interesting scenario to boot!

  11. Thanks William, I am not in the business of trying to get everyone to agree with me, only to burst the bubble of accepted fact/myth and at least ask people to consider the alternatives from the point of logic. Yes, I think the scenario is ok too:)


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