Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Deutschland bound! - LoA hit the Tactica trail 2016

Uppland Femanning battalion making their debut at TACTICA
I was delighted to receive an invite to Tactica from Frank Bauer at the Antwerp show last Novemeber. Now the League of Augsburg Circus is about to hit the road with Gunter travelling from the Imperial capital of Vienna, Toggy flying from Scotland to Hamburg and myself and Mrs H driving to Newcastle, overnighting to Hook of Holland and driving on to Hamburg!

The Russian position at Fraustadt which the Swedes will assault

A lot of effort but I am assured that the show is well worth it. What are we doing? Well, a Great Northern War game based on the Swedish attack against the Russian Corps positions at Fraustadt in 1706.

I will be using a bit more snow on the day!

We are using the as yet unpublished rules for smaller actions with variable sized units which I have been working on and play testing for some months now.

Some of the unit cards for the game

The card driven game is full of period feel and personalities and fuses key mechanisms from Donnybrook and Victory without Quarter with ideas from BLB and several new innovations.

A contract painter ran up this fine unit for us!
We hope that many people will come and join us during the two days of the show.

This Command vignette is a present for a friend of mine

Of course, Warfare Miniatures will be trading and I am carrying a wide selection of the range and all of the GNW models currently available.

Swedes in trenches - they will appear!

This post shares a few preparatory shots of the bits and pieces on show at the weekend in Hamburg including some newly painted models from both myself and a contract painter we have used to swell the Russian ranks.

My Swedish Commander will appear too!

More reports from Hamburg!


  1. you liked it so much you cheered to the echo Ray!

  2. Will the Uppland 5manning flag be for sale?

  3. I threw together a few units for Barry, but if there is an interest in these 3rd and 4th battalions, we can make some sheets available. Do any of these units feature more prominently than others? I just picked the Uppland regiment because the quartered flag was very different from many others in the period.

  4. Seems like it will be a very nice game at tactica!

    Have a safe trip !

    Best regards Michael

  5. Nice, nice....I will "hit the Road" in less than 20 hours and try to reach Hamburg by car in a 10 to 12h ride.
    Barry beware the gigantic roundabouts the Dutch have placed close to Hoek van Holland. It was a pleasant surprise for me last Year!
    See You there!
    P.S.: Thanks for the hint!

  6. Haha! I am full of surprises Gunter... as you will see :)

  7. Jaysus Barry! Take a holiday,your output is prodigious.

  8. Well, I am treating Hamburg as a kind of holiday! Anyway Paul, if I took a rest I would frustrate the Blog followers with my lack of output so I do all this stuff for an easy life! :)

    Lots more Ireland stuff scheduled to hit the blog over the next few weeks - compiled some of it last night actually.

  9. Sounds spectacular. When will we know more about these mysterious new rules?

  10. Jaakko are you going to Tactica? If do, you can play them!

    1. Unfortunately not, but my mate is. Hopefully he'll get a chance to try the rules and provide a full debriefing!

  11. I was thinking of going to Tactica (from near Antwerp) this year for the first time, but it just is not possible. Next year I hope.

    Lots of succes with the game Barry!

  12. Just packing the wagon to dash for the Dutch coast. Tactica was fab but I will not be able to blog about it for a day or so as I am getting straight on a flight for DXB when my feet land in Blighty.

  13. Barry, you fought the battle of Fraustadt a while ago and said that you would post some photos etc. Have you done this yet (and I missed them)or do you still intend to do so.I would love to see the photos and a report please!

  14. That has flummoxed me Dave. I thought I had blogged the Fraustadt refight. We actually fought it four times over 2 days and Swedes only managed one win from four. I will pick up on that and do a feature. I have combed the blog and can't find it. The table was lovely and we have the units one for one.

    1. Thanks Barry that would be great!

  15. Funny as I was just thinking of using a variant of Donnybrook and VWQ rules for something specific for the GNW. I like the card driven mechanism in which both systems use, but prefer the multiple figures on a base too. So the curiosity has captured my interests on what you've come up with? Will this be something you plan on releasing soon, or are you still in the test-playing stages?

    I just re-based my GNW armies to match the current BLB2 basing and was hoping to get more gaming in with these guys.

    Thanks for any insights.


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