Thursday, March 31, 2016

Warfare GNW Swedish gunners - 3 different crew combinations

Well, the Swedes were famous for taking the initiative during the Great Northern War and Clibinarium followed their lead!

Out of the blue he told me he felt it important to support the existing infantry with gunners and he had unilaterally taken the decision to sculpt a few from scratch.

A few? Well yes, I perhaps got carried away a bit. How many? About 15....

The crews he has produced allow us to model a gun firing, loading and positioning. The variety in the poses including officers who could be used elsewhere creates a massive opportunity for diorama building and variety.

Of course these chaps could be used in many respects for other duties in the wagon train, siege, defence and pioneer work.

Many of the poses are not from dolly work but from scratch constructions which adds further pose variety into the Swedish Army.

They will shortly go to be mastered and as such will jump the queue on some other items.

Listen for the sound of those Swedish guns! (soon)

This is not to say he has neglected other important additions to the range. The 6 new codes (30 figures - 25 Russian /5 Swedish Grenadiers) have now been mastered and will soon go to production.

The Grand Alliance period has not been neglected. News on the dragoons WiP soon too.

We have NOT been hibernating at Warfare Miniatures over this mild but stormy winter period.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ireland book Vol 1 : Personalities: Justin McCarthy, Lord Montcashel

Justin McCarthy who was to become better known as Lord Montcashel was known for many things including his involvement with the famous Wild Geese in French service, the disaster at Newtown against Wolseley's Enniskilleners and his reasoned and civilised approach to warfare against his countrymen.

Justin McCarthy Lord Montcashel

What is often not known about his is that he was incredibly short sighted and this certainly impacted capability in the field.

On Lads! On to victory!

He was badly wounded and captured at Newtown but managed to escape captivity in Enniskillen by bribing his gaolers.

I have use an officer from WLOA48 and mounted him on Sarsfield's rearing mount from WLOA21.

Reverse view

On the base is a passing nod to the bogs that did for his small army at Newtown.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Tea at Wellington Barracks..

Morning surprise!

In London recently I happened to be staying in Westminster and on an early morning stroll to clear my jetlag I found myself on Birdcage Walk. Wait a minute! that's the Guard's Division HQ at Wellington Barracks... and... that is a Toy Soldier Shop!

Famous Guardsman!

I needed no invitation. The shop, run by a splendid gentleman named David was empty at that time in the morning and he and I fell to chatting. I think he recognized quickly that I had not stepped off a tour bus and seemed to know a little about the enormous quantities of collectors figures on display in the numerous cabinets.

Sudan meets 20th century outside

Would you like to stay for tea? Eh, yes please! Biccie? Ooh, don't mind if I do David thanks awfully!

Armoured car in the grounds of the barracks

Having swapped stories about Toy Soldier collecting versus Wargaming for a while I took my leave and ventured down into the bowels of the Museum of the Guards Division.

Scots Fusilier Guards at the Alma 1854..difficult to photograph

What a treat! You can imagine that by the standards of British Regimental Museums this one is a bit special.

Defending Hougoumont 1815

Signed documents from General George Monck and Charles II were just the start. It contained pretty much the entire history of the British Army with so many wonderful items on display and a team of very knowledgeable curators.

And a little teaser to leave you with.... I have saved all of the 1685-1714 stuff for another post including the Storming of the Schellenberg diorama.

Coldstream Guard on the outside wall

I will let these few pix do the talking but if you every get the opportunity to visit, it is well worth the £6 entry fee.. well, for the likes of us it is!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Product Updates from Warfare, Quindia & WordTwister

Happy Easter!

Donnybrook in PDF format is now available. After numerous requests we gave in! Like most of our other books, you may choose from a high resolution version that is perfect for printing and a low res version that is optimized for viewing on tablets. Of course, we still have a few books left so it's not too late to get an old school paper copy too!

Recently we also released a set of flags covering both the Royal Army and the Rebel Army for the Sedgemoor Campaign of 1685. Above can be seen a selection of the available flag sheets from the range.
Clan Charging - Pack has 20 models (shot shows 14)

Clan at the Ready (includes Bonnie Dundee mounted but not in shot)

Also new from Warfare are two 'Clan' Regimental packs. At £25 ex postage these are great value for money.

Firing and Loading
Our Russian battalions are going well currently with three options available. Shown are Ready and Firing/Loading. The third option is all musketeers firing.


We also have a new Swedish Flag sheet covering the Indelta regiments tremanning and femanning iterations.

(Clarence - I tried to get Barry to dress up in his bunny suit to recreate the Christmas promotion, but he claims not to have one...)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Russian Big Wigs of the GNW #1 Daddy Bear

Russian General

I decided to experiment a little with the Warfare range in order to produce some distinctive command vignettes for the Great Northern War Russian Army.

#3 The brigadier

These pieces were actually to be a gift for a friend of mine. I wanted to make bases tell a bit of a story and use complementary combinations of models on each.

Flamboyant Marshal of Russia

I decided to do three vignettes. The first is of a very flamboyant Marshal, perhaps Sheremetiev . He is accompanied by a senior officer in cuirassier armour and an infantry officer from the Semenovski Guard Regiment.

The base is larger than the normal I use for vignettes

The second is a general waving his troops forward and accompanied by a Semenovski mounted senior officer and an infantryman from a red coated regiment.

Lots of water.. perhaps the Pripyet Marshes?

The last is of a brigadier in a distinctive white uniform. I will feature the second and third vignettes separately and focus this first post in the series on the flamboyant Marshal.

Casualty model from WLOA14

The Marshal model is the cornet from WLOA54 with the arm of King William III substituted. I believe there is huge untapped potential within the cuirassier cavalry code command packs for the imaginative wargamer/painter.

Check out WLOA40, 42, 44, 48, 50, 52, 54 and 56  for a great selection of officer and cornet types to convert or use 'as is' for senior officers of most armies of the period.

The water effect was achieved using my favourite medium Marine Varnish. The drum is from the accessories pack WLOA930.

The infantry officer is an unreleased Russian.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tilting at Windmills (The Battle of Penny Burn Mill, Part Nine)

Clarence Harrison - Whew! I just completed this fantastic windmill model from Tabletop World.  I think there are less details on a Napoleonic hussar!

Check out the ropes on the back of the vanes, securing the sails to the frame. Of course, this model will be the centerpiece in our Battle of Penny Burn Mill game for Historicon 2016, forming the anchor of the Jacobite defense.

The stonework was drybrushed in multiple layers and then I use several GW washes (Nuln Oil, Reikland Flesh, and Carroburg Crimson) to pick out individual stones to vary the tones. Then I used a final highlight of my palest grey to blend these back into the whole. I spent a very long time blending the smooth fabric of the sails and I'm not sure it shows in the photograph. You'll just have to come along and see it in Fredricksburg!

Next up are a pile of tents and assorted gear to make two Jacobite camps...

Monday, March 21, 2016

Featured unit: Jim Masson's Grey Dragoons 1679?

Jim likes to model Scots units from the late 17th Century and he has done a very fine job on this unit of Dragoons who are I believe the Scots Greys in their original incarnation.

The pictures were taken on my iPhone very quickly but the creativity in Jim's work is very obvious when you look at the attention to details.

The observant amongst our members will notice a little homage to a certain incident in the 1972 movie Waterloo involving the Enniskilliners and a pig.

Jim has done some nice work on converting horse holders too.

I am not sure whether these chaps have fired a shot in anger yet but they certainly look the part.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Warfare Miniatures at SALUTE 2016

Warfare Miniatures will be trading at Salute 2016 and you will be able to find us on the Victrix stand.
Toggy Bob and I will be manning the stand with Julian and the lads.

We will be carrying the full range of Warfare Miniatures codes, Quindia Flags and WordTwister books.

We are offering a 10% discount for pre orders received up to Wednesday April 13th. Just order through the shop and choose the £0.01 POSTAGE OPTION. We will refund the 10%  at the show.

Alternatively, email us at specifying what you want and we'll send you a paypal invoice for the discounted amount.

See you at the show!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ireland book Vol 1 : Personalities: Colonel Patrick Sarsfield

Patrick Sarsfield was active in the Jacobite -Williamite conflict from the earliest days. He it was who led Irish soldiers loyal to King James during the Battle of Reading in Dec 1688, the only substantive action of the Glorious Revolution.

Sarsfield spent most of 1689 in north west Ireland fighting against forces from Enniskillen and Sligo. He died in battle during Luxembourg's great victory of 1693 at Neerwinden/Landen. He lived an adventurous and action packed life and left it at the age of 33. He was a brave soldier, loyal to his King and true Irish hero.

Action pose from the great hero

I have used the heroic Sarsfield sculpt from WLOA21 but mounted him on a standard cavalry horse. The base carries a reference to his greatest triumph when he intercepted and destroyed William's siege guns bound for Limerick in 1690. The cannon balls recall this act.

original version I painted a couple of years back

I prefer the darker red coat I have given him to the original version I painted a couple of years ago and which can be seen in the picture above.

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