Monday, March 21, 2016

Featured unit: Jim Masson's Grey Dragoons 1679?

Jim likes to model Scots units from the late 17th Century and he has done a very fine job on this unit of Dragoons who are I believe the Scots Greys in their original incarnation.

The pictures were taken on my iPhone very quickly but the creativity in Jim's work is very obvious when you look at the attention to details.

The observant amongst our members will notice a little homage to a certain incident in the 1972 movie Waterloo involving the Enniskilliners and a pig.

Jim has done some nice work on converting horse holders too.

I am not sure whether these chaps have fired a shot in anger yet but they certainly look the part.


  1. interestingly, there is an article on the Scots Greys in WI this month. Odd references to them at Killiecrankie!

  2. Thanks for that Barry, the grey coats were in use until 1685 I belive.

    There are quite a few points in the WI article I would contest, not just the supposed presence at Killie! Zealously loyal to William? Only called the Grey Dragoons once they received the ex-Dutch horses in 1693? I think not!

  3. Yup, thought the piece was somewhat questionable... not sure where the chap was digging up his material


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