Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ireland book Vol 1 : Personalities: Colonel Patrick Sarsfield

Patrick Sarsfield was active in the Jacobite -Williamite conflict from the earliest days. He it was who led Irish soldiers loyal to King James during the Battle of Reading in Dec 1688, the only substantive action of the Glorious Revolution.

Sarsfield spent most of 1689 in north west Ireland fighting against forces from Enniskillen and Sligo. He died in battle during Luxembourg's great victory of 1693 at Neerwinden/Landen. He lived an adventurous and action packed life and left it at the age of 33. He was a brave soldier, loyal to his King and true Irish hero.

Action pose from the great hero

I have used the heroic Sarsfield sculpt from WLOA21 but mounted him on a standard cavalry horse. The base carries a reference to his greatest triumph when he intercepted and destroyed William's siege guns bound for Limerick in 1690. The cannon balls recall this act.

original version I painted a couple of years back

I prefer the darker red coat I have given him to the original version I painted a couple of years ago and which can be seen in the picture above.


  1. It's just a pity he was so useless in our Aughrum re fight.

  2. I thought he was great in our Aughrim refight :) :)

  3. I thought he was great in our Aughrim refight :) :)

  4. I wonder how many more posts about Sarsfield running away at Aughrum would it take for it to become an 'historical' fact in the war gaming community?

  5. "A little known but significant incident at the battle occurred when the celebrated Jacobite hero Patrick Sarsfield, ordered by St Ruhe to lead a decisive charge to break the faltering Williamite left wing, took a sudden attack of nerves and fled the field in the act of advancing the regiment of Purcell. Several eye witnesses reported the incident but remained anonymous thus sources remain un-attributable. Sarsfield when questioned in Paris in 1692 denied the incident entirely saying that at that time he was near Aughrim village and involved in organizing a foray to capture an officer scouting the causeway (later thought to be General Hugh Mackay).

    Stick that on a Forum somewhere and it will be fact in a few months.. might even make Wiki


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