Sunday, March 27, 2016

Product Updates from Warfare, Quindia & WordTwister

Happy Easter!

Donnybrook in PDF format is now available. After numerous requests we gave in! Like most of our other books, you may choose from a high resolution version that is perfect for printing and a low res version that is optimized for viewing on tablets. Of course, we still have a few books left so it's not too late to get an old school paper copy too!

Recently we also released a set of flags covering both the Royal Army and the Rebel Army for the Sedgemoor Campaign of 1685. Above can be seen a selection of the available flag sheets from the range.
Clan Charging - Pack has 20 models (shot shows 14)

Clan at the Ready (includes Bonnie Dundee mounted but not in shot)

Also new from Warfare are two 'Clan' Regimental packs. At £25 ex postage these are great value for money.

Firing and Loading
Our Russian battalions are going well currently with three options available. Shown are Ready and Firing/Loading. The third option is all musketeers firing.


We also have a new Swedish Flag sheet covering the Indelta regiments tremanning and femanning iterations.

(Clarence - I tried to get Barry to dress up in his bunny suit to recreate the Christmas promotion, but he claims not to have one...)


  1. Yup true and yours was too big to fit me🐰

  2. Clarence, make him dress up in his Napoleon outfit

  3. Now what would I wear on Easter if I sent you mine?

  4. Fortunately I've managed to eventually find my copy that my wife had 'tidied away' about six months back.

  5. Those new GNW flags are superb. Is it too late to order for collection at Salute?

  6. Order placed for my 15mm Figures. Thanks Barry


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