Thursday, March 31, 2016

Warfare GNW Swedish gunners - 3 different crew combinations

Well, the Swedes were famous for taking the initiative during the Great Northern War and Clibinarium followed their lead!

Out of the blue he told me he felt it important to support the existing infantry with gunners and he had unilaterally taken the decision to sculpt a few from scratch.

A few? Well yes, I perhaps got carried away a bit. How many? About 15....

The crews he has produced allow us to model a gun firing, loading and positioning. The variety in the poses including officers who could be used elsewhere creates a massive opportunity for diorama building and variety.

Of course these chaps could be used in many respects for other duties in the wagon train, siege, defence and pioneer work.

Many of the poses are not from dolly work but from scratch constructions which adds further pose variety into the Swedish Army.

They will shortly go to be mastered and as such will jump the queue on some other items.

Listen for the sound of those Swedish guns! (soon)

This is not to say he has neglected other important additions to the range. The 6 new codes (30 figures - 25 Russian /5 Swedish Grenadiers) have now been mastered and will soon go to production.

The Grand Alliance period has not been neglected. News on the dragoons WiP soon too.

We have NOT been hibernating at Warfare Miniatures over this mild but stormy winter period.


  1. Tremendous stuff there Clib.
    The officer with the telescope has many uses apart from the artillery crew I think.


  2. As loveley as these sculpts are.... Who needs swedish Gunners?? When the Infantry advance so fast(through the enemy troops) that the Artillery has nothing to shoot at:-))
    Bob, yes, you are right...he will be the only man of the Swedes that will be able to say who's nations backside they are looking at:-)))))))

  3. Oh, I think the Swedes had one or two guns here and there :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Fantastic I meant to say but the silly predictive text went all awry...

  6. These will be the best artillery gunners commercially available.

    Gareth sculpts are spot-on.


  7. Praise indeed John! Gareth rarely if ever comments on the net but I know he takes his work extremely seriously and will no doubt read this comment with some pride.

  8. Are there any special uniform details that make these gunners Swedish or could they be used for other nationalities?

  9. Argument would rage around the drop down collar more than anything else Dave but several nations were beginning to use that. The important thing now is that we have these masters which can be converted to other coat and hat styles. Those plans are already discussed between Clib and I and so WSS/ NYW is imminent.

  10. I thought the collars might be the only issue and thought these could easily filed off.
    These figures are lovely but I would also like to see some artillery crews in shirtsleeves.
    I have seen some Napoleonic ranges where the gunners not only are wearing greatcoats but also full equipment. Although these are nicely sculpted the designers have obviously never tried to perform hard manual labour wearing all this gear.

  11. It's called in Lithuania Dave come on! :) Shirt sleeved dudes are already done but I don't have the sculpts yet. It wasn't Clib doing them. Clib's work has now gazumped the other stuff and so we might go on to shirt sleeved chaps...

  12. Wonderfull work. Will there be an kapurs variant as well? Or a kapurs head-sprue to converting the Generic units into Scanian War Swedes?

  13. Excellent stuff Barry! Looking forward to the shirt sleeved guys coming out as well and mixing them with these beauties.

  14. Barry,

    Yes, He never posted when he was on the AMG Forum...More the pity...However, he remains a top Sculptor. You are privileged to have him on the team.

  15. Hi John,

    I've completely lost my way into the AMG forum, I'll have to email you for help.
    Thanks to all for the kind words.

  16. There is much to look forward to in these new masterpieces. I like the idea of having crews doing three functions.


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