Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ireland book Vol 1 : Personalities :King William III

This iteration of King William I have done in a far more ' Kingly' pose than the triumphalist rearing horse with wounded soldiers around him. although I like that vignette this is more understated.

I use the colour scheme of another grand painting of the man. He is wearing a rich yellow coat, red English sash and this time I spent much longer on the face than the previous rush job.
I have used the King James horse from WLOA19.

The Horse furniture contrasts well with the black horse and yellow coat. I like this version of the King much better than my original, perhaps because I took some time considering the piece in a different light.

The original vignette on the table

I painted a map of Ireland which he is gambling all to win and mounted it on the loose drum from pack WLOA930.


  1. You have him! Thin, narrow, serious, cheerless, lacking in imagination yet having critical judgement. Loved his Dutch compatriots - generally distrusted all English...


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