Thursday, May 26, 2016

Another peek behind the curtain - Donnybrook - River Foyle

slipping past the Jacobite guns (it was dark.. but not in my kitchen)

This scenario involved a daring mission by moonlight up the River Foyle by Captain Adam Murray and an intrepid band of Derrymen as they attempted to transfer some messengers towards their comrades in Enniskillen.

Ahoy! Boat loads of Jacobite dragoons sail up the Foyle

The action mostly takes place on the water as Jacobite dragoons try to intercept and capture Murray's men. Having sailed up river to deposit his messengers Murray meets the enemy mid stream on the inbound journey. I haven't laughed so much in a long time.

Man! They have a fleet of dragoons!

To see Toggy Murray go from an attitude of 'this is a mission impossible' to, my God! 'I might actually win this' was very funny. The action involved a multiple collision with men leaping from boat to boat to try and get to the fight taking place in one of the Jacobite interceptors which had been boarded by Murray's crew.

Ramming speeeed! Murray crunches into the Jacobites and leaps aboard

This 6 or 7 turn melee involved men being shot, stabbed, clubbed, thrown overboard, jumping overboard, shooting their own officers for ordering shots into a melee, desertion, drowning and possibly crimes against cabin boys!

Countless men are now in the river or lying dead in the bilge

It was a no holds barred piece of player creativity as they threatened to murder crewmen, coerced enemy combatants and generally took desperate measures to try and achieve their missions.

When the mission was going well and Derry boats were full

In a 25 turn game (yup you read that right) the bold Toggy Murray almost succeeded in escaping after killing the entire complement of about 3 enemy boats and holding loaded pistols to the heads of the remaining enemy sailors.

Roger? Are you a cabin boy? Murray escapes with mascot

In a final bid for freedom Murray, sergeant and one of the boy scouts were grounded less than a boat's length from liberty. We assumed they tracked across country back to Derry.

WTF.. Jacobite Gerry cries tears of disbelief as Togwit trudges overland to Derry

The Jacobites were not in a position to pursue.


  1. so impressive table, and then the wonderfully painted figures in the boats! I love this pictures, great!

  2. These are wonderful figures, model boats and terrain hoards. Everything which is wonderful about our hobby!

  3. Fantastic game, really captures the feel of fighting close up and personal . Straight Donnybrook or tweaked for individual combat?

  4. Straight Donnybrook but loads of characters and some umpire calls on skills like jumping from boat to boat

  5. Great looking scenario chaps!!! Where did you get the boats from Barry?

    1. Just trying to remember their name Ray.. Games of War? maybe in Seahouses or somewhere in the North East - nice stuff and a good price

  6. A great game & it encompassed all that is good about Donnybrook, a fun couple of hours with good mates.
    Haven't laughed as much in ages.


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