Friday, May 20, 2016

Russian Big Wigs of the GNW #2 The General

This vignette feature three figures. The hat waving general from WLOA48 a senior officer from WLOA54 and a Russian musketeer from R01.

I use some interesting pieces of dead wood to create the fallen tree effect. You may also notice the two cannon balls and ploughed up ground to the front of the tree.

This is buckshot supplied by a friend.

I was very pleased with this piece of work and will copy it for my own collection as this particular piece now lives in the Imperial capital - Vienna


  1. Yes, I confirm to be the receiver:-) A very happy one too!
    These Command bases which I received at TACTICA are now the very good Reason for renewing my GNW-Saxon Army and LEAD-ing them into a "new" age. Therefore the old Miniatures are currently on sale.
    Thank You Barry!

  2. Lucky you Gunter, the only thing he gives me is abuse. 8-)

    1. Well...someone has to take the brunt:-)


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