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Uniform Guides and Warfare Minis Free Post offer!

Clarence Harrison - One of the most common queries on the Fighting Talk Forum in relation to the periods covered by Beneath the Lily Banners centers on painting our little men. Wargamers are obsessed with details of a bygone age that most historians thought unimportant. What color coats did the Huguenots wear at the Battle of the Boyne? What kind of hats did Jacobite dragoons wear? Which Hamiltons were at Derry? What color socks did King James II's guard have? What... color... socks...

I've asked these questions myself in the few short years I've been involved in collecting armies for the period. Barry has been asking these questions for over twenty years. Often time the answer comes down to 'we just don't know'. Well, that is not very satisfying for the wargamer trying to collect the Danish Brigade in the Ireland campaign. So we go about collecting scraps of information from a dozen sources trying to piece together some idea. Here's where it gets fun - the sources don't always agree.

Some books are out of date simply because of... well, the date they were compiled. A lot of work went into these and they used the best available information at the time, but new research provides revelations all the time. Sometimes we find things are wrong because the original observer identified the wrong unit at this or that battle. We find out the error later, again by new research, but if you only have the first book, you have no idea. Why the hell isn't there something out there that brings all of this stuff together?

Now there is.

The League of Augsburg and Quindia Studios are very proud to present The Wargamer's Guide to Uniforms of the Battle of the Boyne. This is a series composed of bite-sized PDF's, each focused on a collection of units in a different part of the battlefield.

B01 - Williamite - The Cavalry of the Right
B02 - Williamite - The Infantry of the Right
B03 - Williamite - The Infantry of the First Wave
B04 - Williamite - The Danish Brigade
B05 - Williamite - The Infantry of the Center Reserve
B06 - Williamite - The Cavalry of the Left
B07 - Jacobite - The Infantry in Defense of Oldbridge
B08 - Jacobite - The Cavalry of the Right
B09 - Jacobite - The Infantry of the Center
B10 - Jacobite - The Cavalry of the Left

G01 - Artillery (covers both sides)
G02 - The French Brigade in Ireland

These are not blow by blow accounts of the battle - there are plenty of great sources out there for that. The PDF includes as much information as we could find - details on uniforms and flags, weapons and equipment, organization and command... When sources don't agree we tell you that. When we had to draw conclusions, we tell you that too, but we try to tell you why we made the decisions. Now, we haven't bothered with the shape of pockets or the number of buttons. These are meant for wargamers to use as a guide for painting their armies - though I'm willing to bet there's some cool stuff for history buffs too!

These are only the first series of many. The plan is to cover each theater comprehensively, starting with the war in Ireland - the Battle of Newtown, the Siege of Derry, the Ballyneety Raid, the Storming of Athlone, the Battle of Aughrim. Once we feel we've done justice to this we will move on to other areas.

Barry and I are extremely proud of these products and exciting about producing more. Undoubtedly, just as with old texts, new research will appear over the next months and years. Some of our educated guesswork will be disproven or on the odd occasion, be validated. That's ok. Use these to fuel your own research and let us know about it!

These PDFs are now available in the League of Augsburg shop!

Each PDF is 3-6 pages for ₤2, but allows the wargamer to just focus on the aspect of his collection he needs more information on. The entire series for the Battle of the Boyne comes in at exactly 50 pages and for ₤20, saving ₤4 if you order as a set!

You can download a sample, D03 A Wargamer's Guide to the Uniforms of the Williamite Infantry of the First Wave at the Battle of the Boyne free!

Oh, and don't expect all of the units on the table at Historicon to match this guide as I painted many of them BEFORE we started the project. Wish I'd had something like this..

And by the way.. For the next calendar month to support the massed assembly of your forces for the Irish War, Warfare Miniatures will deliver POST FREE to anywhere in the world including the UK any order with over £45.00 of figures included in the order value.


  1. What a fantastic job guys, very impressive stuff and I can see these getting used as a primary wargaming source for years to come.

  2. We have worked very hard on these Dave. Several more beyond the Boyne already done or in the pipe. It has been a labour of love and an interim step to the Ireland book.

  3. did you download the free Pennyburn pdf?

  4. This has swung the period for me I will paint the armys in 10mm . Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the period .
    Kind regards Gavin .

  5. Glad to hear that Gavin. Pendraken do a super range and sculpted by Clib too!

  6. Barry, Clarance,
    These are fantastic, you have managed to fill a large gap in the published information available on what I consider to be a important period. Thank you both, I could have done with these 3 years ago, but you are forgiven
    Mark Shearwood

  7. Sorry Mark, we are trying very hard to make up for lost time now.. this is the fruit of a very intensive 2 weeks of work.

  8. A job well done. I think I'll be after these even though it's not (strictly) my period.It's a hang up from the good old days when even KNotel was but a rumour! ;O)

  9. Hi Barry, looks great. Will there be hard copies to purchase?

  10. We have thought about that. I have a very high quality printer on which I do the flags. We were thinking of offering paper copies on 120gram paper which is the same as the flags. They'd be a little more expensive but I have printed all of the plates off already and they look astonishingly good. I guess if there is a demand we can do 'em.

  11. Let me work something out and email you privately. If you mail me on I'll return the contact and we're off.

  12. The Pennyburn Mill section is terrific but having been privileged to see all the others I can only say they are amazing. My only surprise was the Hugenot section, I expected it to just be full of dead officers 8-) Congratulations to Barry and Clarence on a superb product and if they books are up to the same standard I can't wait.

  13. Clarence, Barry - these are superb! Great idea and if the Pennyburn Mill pdf is anything to go by they are an excellent addition to our knowledge and understanding of this difficult but fascinating period! Do you guys ever actually sleep...?
    I will order a full set.
    My only comment is that in some images eg Plate B you have drawn in the mouths. In most you have not. For me 'with the mouth' looks much better - but a small point. Peter

  14. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssss! Errr, I'm very happy. Ordering now.

  15. Hello Paul, you should have them by now courtesy of BA's wifi

  16. If you have information on the uniform colours and especially flags of the Huguenot Regiments where in the above can I find it?

    1. The Huguenot Regiments are in B03 - Williamites - Infantry of the First Wave

  17. They are in the section First Line of Williamite Infantry at the Boyne.

  18. Ha! Next time, General, I shall read all the way to the bottom before answering queries... my thanks!

  19. I will probably bring a couple of full copies with me to Partizan printed on 120gm paper. They will end up hanging around Mark Shearwood's Athlone table

  20. Excellent, excellent, excellent!!!

  21. A big thank you to all of you who have parted with your hard earned to support this project. Clarence and I promise to make available updates of these pdfs to you by download. We have already been pointed at some mods based on feedback. We'll let you know when and how o get a hold of them.

    Oh, and thanks Ray.. I heard you shouting there! :)

  22. Brilliant, Barry and Clarence. I downloaded the Penny Burn Mill PDF and found it very helpful, so I have just now ordered a full Boyne set. I do hope though that this development does not mean the Ireland books will not occur as I do like the heft and smell of a new book! Cheers, Rohan Wilmott

    1. Never fear, Rohan! The Ireland scenario books are an entirely different project. Though the uniform books DO end up as lists of who was where by virtue of the way we've decided to organize them, the scenario books will go into far more detail on the action, covering nearly every recorded conflict we can find (I think there are 50 scenarios in the 1689 volume). Barry has tried to ensure there is a minimum of repeated information between those books and the uniform guides. We are still slogging through production work on the scenario book - I think it turned into a much bigger project than anticipated!

  23. Derry pdfs uploaded in the Shop tonight


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