Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Commanded Shot for Historicon

Clarence Harrison - Something that may be a bit unusual in our Pennyburn Mill for those familiar with Beneath the Lily Banners is the large number of singly based models. These represent commanded shot, detached companies, forlorn hopes and the like. The rules for these formations will be in the scenario book due out later this year...

These models were commissioned by Barry, shipped across the pond, and based by me so they would match the rest of the units on the table. I'm afraid the artist's name escapes me (Bad Quinda!), but hopefully Barry will provide it below! These models will be be in six units of 7-9 models for our game next month.

Another reason for posting this horde (53 models, 40 musketeers with apostles and 13 dragoons in fur caps) in it's entirety is that the models will be for sale. Barry has vowed the lads will not return to Scotland! Inquire at our table for prices - delivery will not be available until Sunday afternoon of course.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Warfare Miniatures GNW Swedish artillery combinations - Overview

Running back a light field piece

This post highlights the different combinations I have been experimenting with using 14 of the new Swedish Artillerists for the GNW range.

Loading a light field piece

I will feature every one of these pieces in detail in separate posts but this taster allows those interested to see how they can be used.

Shooting a light field piece

The pieces I have used are the Light gun (WLOA16) and the Galloper gun (WLOA15) together with items from the Siege pack WLOA918 (barrels, bells, sieves etc) and some lead shot from someone's ammunition for their shotgun!

A Galloper gun with 3 crew men

The Tumbril Cart base is a WiP piece as is the Galloper gun base neither of which have the ground work finished.

Artillerists move a baggage cart - no conversions here

I have been hugely impressed by the options presented by these models and one of the finest hasn't even been moulded yet - the chap holding his ear against the cannon's roar.

Lower angle shot of running back the light gun

More pictures and detail features on the vignettes soon.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Historicon 2016

Clarence Harrison - Ok, I couldn't resist. I wasn't going to post any more photos, but I got a couple new lenses (birthday present from my cats - they are very generous) for my camera and took a pile of pics getting used to them. It seemed a shame to let them go to waste!

The Pennyburn Mill

Just some of the defenders of Derry (ironically the attackers in this game)

An Irish bog

A pleasant morning on the Foyle

A quick note on the last photo... there was no naval support in the historical attack on the Pennyburn Mill, but there were encounters on the River Foyle during the siege. I wanted to add another element to the wargame and take advantage of some of the new rules we will present in the upcoming scenario book (yes, it IS coming...). The Kestrel will be armed with a pair of light naval guns to give a bit of artillery cover to the Derry assault, though the range will be limited to about half of the table.

I suppose mentioning the new lens above, someone who cares about such things is probably shouting at their computer, "What was the lens?" I've had a Canon Rebel XSI for about ten years now and always used the 18-55mm lens that came with the kit. It's been a great unit and I've mastered the art of taking shots of single models, individual units, and relatively close action shots. What I've always struggled with is long shots with sharp focus across the entire depth of field. I also have to set up a very complicated light array in my game room to get photos with enough light to stop the camera from needing overlong exposure and often resulting in blurred shots.

Without going into a pile of technical detail, which I don't really know all that well anyway, the shots above were taken with an EF 50mm f/1.8 STM. It is ridiculously cheap for a camera lens (I think it was $100). It only has a single level of zoom fixed at 50mm, so you need to move the camera around to compose your shot, but that's not much of an issue with miniature photography. All of the shots above lack any post production on the computer except for a small amount of color correction with a cool filter to remove a bit yellow caused by the light from the room. I could have corrected that by setting the white balance on the camera, but I didn't bother for these. They probably could have used a bit of post, but that wasn't the point of the exercise. No complicated lighting (only the overhead of the room and a window), sharp focus all the way across the shot, and almost zero post production - very happy with this lens!

I'll talk about my other new lens, a Canon 10-18mm at some future time, but it also has great capacity for shooting under less than ideal light conditions. I'll still be carrying my original too, but now I will give the illusion of being much more professional as I pretend to carefully consider the correct lens for the shot! Maybe Barry and I can do a series for the blog on photographing miniatures if there is any interest. There are lots of tutorials for single figures in light boxes, but very few on photographing battle scenes...

Ok, that really is it. There will probably still be a few pics for units I haven't shown yet and maybe another post on the game in general as the time draws near.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wargamers' Uniform Guides for the Siege of Derry

Clarence Harrison - Following on the heels of the well received Uniform Guides for the Battle of the Boyne, we are happy to announce the next series - The Siege of Derry!

D01 - The Jacobite Infantry of the Siege of Derry
D02 - The Jacobite Cavalry and Artillery of the Siege of Derry
D03 - The Defenders of Derry
D04 - The Battle of Pennyburn Mill
D05 - The Battle of Windmill Hill

There is more text in this series to cover the how's and why's of the decisions we made, as well as a bit more about some of the battles that took place around the walls during several months of fighting. It was challenging because even contemporary sources disagree or contain likely embellishments (in the famous George Walker text, he manages to be at the pivotal point of every engagement). Information was culled from a dozen different sources and Barry tried to drive me mad with revisions (I kid you not... the published document of The Battle of Pennyburn Mill was version 10 and we did a final edit after that) so we are confidant that you won't find a more comprehensive guide.

The PDF's are available individually or as a set on the League of Augsburg shop. You can download a free sample from the Boyne series here.

Here are pics of the copies I printed...

I printed the uniform plates on glossy photo paper and the text pages on quality bond paper. They are inserted into 3-hole punched plastic sleeves and placed in a binder. Now, I'm fussy about such things and it bugged me that the sleeves with only bond paper felt flimsy next to any with a sheet of photo paper. To 'fix' this I placed blank sheets of card stock in those to bulk them up. Yes, well, it made me feel better...

... and no, those cover images aren't available at this time. Just use your favorite image for now. I made them for my binders because... well, see the paragraph above. It's an illness. The spines even have titles!

There are more guides on the way, though I doubt we'll have the time to release anything until after Historicon.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pre Summer State of the Nation from WordTwister/Warfare/Quindia

scenario from the Ireland book

I thought it was time for a more general update on what the gang on this side of the Pond and on the civilized side was up to!

The Swedes are multiplying

2016 has been super productive so far but the full fruit of that labour is not yet obvious. The constant delays on the main Ireland book are solely down to me and my day job. Not being around in the UK consistently has led to photography backlog. This, in an effort to get something out there Clarence and I reverted to Plan B which is the production of a series of pdfs focusing on the armies of both sides in the Irish campaigns 1689-1691.

Jacobite Infantry from Warfare

The success of our Boyne series pdfs has been very encouraging and fired the release of the second set focused on the Siege of Derry. This batch will appear in the shop over the next 48 hours. Although comprising of five separate sections the depth of the text analysis is greater and thus will provide added value for those interested in picking them up.

Fighting the Boyne again - Cairndale Dumfries

To follow after these are two or perhaps three further Irish sets. We have enjoyed doing them and the challenging nature of bringing together all of the conflicting research and information.

A shot from the book

The big book is still coming as will a book series based on the pdfs.


The spin off from this project has been the formatting of more flags for the period. These have been sneaking out in penny packets with a couple of new sheets already on sale but a further batch and sheet revisions are due shortly too.

One of the new sets of gunners - two more to show

Warfare Miniatures have been making the classic 'nerdy' wargaming figure manufacturing error - getting lots of stuff designed (which costs a lot) and not getting them into production to recirculate the cash for further production. We currently have 5 sets of Russians, 3 sets of Swedish gunners and 4 sets of Grand Alliance dragoons in the limbo land between masters and production moulds. Hopefully we will get all of these out into the market by the end of July or beginning of August.

And another

Hot on their heels are more of the same - GNW cavalry, Grand Alliance and WSS mounted dragoons and other little bits and bobs. Again, many delays down to me and the day job. Cloning technologists please contact me by mail as I may put some business your way.

Artillery officer Swedish Army

I have also been doing a lot of painting and modelling during intense bursts of short stays at home. The results of this will be shared soon and show case the new gunners from the GNW range.

Adios Derby, Hola Dumfries!

After a very successful run at the Derby Conference Centre running large LoA Weekender games we have come north of the border and settled into a new venue at the Cairndale Hotel Dumfries. Known already for its hosting of the local wargames show we've run successful games there before and have chosen to return to the scene of the crime for our next effort in November. Places still available but we are up to about 12 now with a ceiling of 16.

Historicon .. our last visit

On the summer show front... that little matter of a convention in Fredricksburg VA-  Mr Harrison has pulled out the stops and constructed a masterpiece of a table for Pennyburn Mill. His wonderful collection is going to be augmented by reinforcements already travelling across the Atlantic for the Harrison basing treatment. We are running the game many times between Thursday and Sunday at HISTORICON. I sound vague.. yes, that's because it already looks like a blur from this distance. I have two speaker spots also - 'Why are wargames light on cavalry' a reprise on a piece I wrote for Wargames Illustrated nearly 20 years ago and 'Decisive results on the tabletop' - how to run and enjoy large multiplayer events.

A LoA prize winning set up at Claymore a few years back

Straight back from Historicon and we are at Claymore within a week or so. Toggy, Mrs H and I are already making our travel arrangements for Antwerp CRISIS 2016 and I have a week in Normandy in October so no doubt more adventures from my well trodden D-Day trail will land on the blog.

Yup, we actually play Donnybrook too!

A quick mention of the power of the internet. A recent thread on the Lead Adventure Forum has giving Donnybrook sales both in book and pdf form a nice lift in the last three weeks. Thanks to all you lead adventurers for that. We have been very gratified by the continuing creep of Donnybrook into shows around Europe. We've now spotted it all over the UK, in Sweden, in Germany and in Belgium at various conventions. Hopefully someone will be using it somewhere in the US at a convention near you.

Thomond Bridge Limerick 1691 from Peter's collection

I owe an enormous apology to Peter and Mark Shearwood for not yet getting round to sharing some of the blog content that they have kindly donated but... I will guys, promise.

Holowcyzn from Partizan in 07

Looking already at the looming horizon of 2017, Tactica may be calling as well as my return to normality at Partizan.

Hoping to return to Tactica in '17

Clearly what is missing from the above summary is some domestic gaming. Yes, where has that gone? Between DOBs day job, Bob's berries and my travel we have failed miserably since a large Flames of War game ToggyTank Wit and I had about three months ago... can we have two more days in the week please? Gaminday and Snorrinday?

I do still have LOTS of this

On this day last year, what was I doing? Oh yes, this.....

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Historicon 2016

Clarence Harrison -  Not long now! Here are the last two brigadiers needed for our game at Historicon...

Captain Adam Murray of Derry...

General Maumont, French general in the employ of the Jacobites...

Like most of the models in this period, these gentlemen may serve for many different characters in the future...

Thursday, June 9, 2016

New GNW Swedish Artillery crew combinations

crew of 4 loading
crew of 4 loading
crew of 4 loading

When I received these master castings I couldn't wait to paint them. The 15 crew figures will be sold in three sets of five models.

crew of 4 re positioning

crew of 4 crew re  positioning
crew of 4 re positioning

One of the fifteen is missing from these shots as he didn't make it into the first master mould but I have included a shot of the green at the end to remind everyone that he is the chap covering his ear when the gun fires!

Shoot 1!
Shoot 2!

Shoot  3!

Although the models come in sets of five I have used our light artillery piece in these shots to produce some combinations representing a gun 'Running back' a gun 'Firing' and a gun 'Loading'

Lots of crew

There will be further blog pieces coming featuring the three sets as they will be sold from July 2016 and ideas on basing and other uses.

Last man on the right is missing

these two additional models are part of the set

Light gun featured above

hands will take powder barrel or fascine etc

For now enjoy these shots of some really outstanding artillerists..

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