Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Commanded Shot for Historicon

Clarence Harrison - Something that may be a bit unusual in our Pennyburn Mill for those familiar with Beneath the Lily Banners is the large number of singly based models. These represent commanded shot, detached companies, forlorn hopes and the like. The rules for these formations will be in the scenario book due out later this year...

These models were commissioned by Barry, shipped across the pond, and based by me so they would match the rest of the units on the table. I'm afraid the artist's name escapes me (Bad Quinda!), but hopefully Barry will provide it below! These models will be be in six units of 7-9 models for our game next month.

Another reason for posting this horde (53 models, 40 musketeers with apostles and 13 dragoons in fur caps) in it's entirety is that the models will be for sale. Barry has vowed the lads will not return to Scotland! Inquire at our table for prices - delivery will not be available until Sunday afternoon of course.


  1. Clarence You've done a nice job basing them, look very good.
    The painter is a guy called Rob Goodyear, & he's painting most of my Napoleonics now.
    Someone will be very pleased with these after the show.


  2. Nice Minis! I look forward to seeing them at Historicon!


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