Monday, June 6, 2016

Long time coming... Grand Alliance period mounted dragoons

French Dragoon Command

It has not been lack of intent on our side simply lack of time and other priorities that have prevented us getting these models to a stage where we can share how they look with you.

French Dragoon Troopers pack 1

We recognize that they will not be without controversy either but more of that later. These pictures show the French Mounted Command and one set of French Dragoon troopers. We also have hat wearing dragoons who will be useable for a wide variety of nationalities including English, Jacobite Irish, Williamite Irish, Scots, Dutch, German (various States), Saxons and many more. a Command pack and a trooper pack here too.

Dragoon Troopers in hats Pack 1

What is coming behind these? A further trooper pack for the French and the same for the hat men. In addition, six troopers following the same pattern wearing fur trimmed stocking caps are next. Those will of course be useable for English, Jacobite Irish and Eppinger's Gard Dragonders.

Dragoon Command in hats

In addition to all of the above there will be a set of mounted and dismounted horse holders for all three styles - French, Hats, Caps. We have specific dragoons horses with a single pistol and hatchet etc and here is where the controversy may begin.

French Dragoon Command alternate view

We made a very conscious decision to use smaller, dragoon sized horses and not put them on larger cavalry style mounts. The proportions may not suit everyone but we feel very much vindicated in going for this look. Clibinarium wants to offer his own comments and those appear below.

French Dragoon Troopers pack 1 alternated view

Looking at the history of available dragoon models for the period I could not find evidence of any manufacturer going for a different horse size before. Much as I admire some existing sculpts (and have them in my collection) it appears available ranges have gone for universal horse and rider combos both for dragoons and cavalry.

Dragoon Troopers in hats pack 1 alternated view

As cautious fellows we have ensured that our new dragoons will fit both the dragoon sized horse and the larger animal for those who don't want their dragoons on diminutive mounts.

Dragoon Command in hats alternate view

The plan is get these to the market during the summer. I know, reading back on all the various posts and requests that these have been sought for a long time. Sorry for the wait but they are finally here. 


  1. Barry,
    Just superb figures, i can't wait to get my hands on some Dragoons for both my Williamite and Jacobite army's, only question is, when can I order them
    Mark S

    1. Mark - they are going to get mastered this week I hope. Master moulds usually take 2-3 weeks. We check masters after that for any necessary repairs and then send for production. You could certainly have some in the table for Derby!

    2. Mark saw your comment on FT about a 'passenger'.. good idea but I will have to ask Clib if the horses' bums are big enough! Although a possible 'one piece' double rider might be fitted on a specially adapted horse. Such a double rider would save painting time on the front man's back and the back man's front! (being that these would be neither visible.

  2. Yes!! I might be in the category that would prefer normal horses, but I'll wait to see some painted and based. Glad to these on the way, though...

  3. Well, we created different Horse Sizes for my Napoleonic Saxons but this may be a complete "different" Story:-)My Light Dragoons Horses are about 25% smaller than those of the Heavies(GdC, Z, LKG);-)

  4. We are quite prepared for the controversy on horse sizes but felt scaling them accurately was definitely the right thing to do.

  5. Very cool! I have heard that British draoons of WSS and later where mounted as "horse" But I have no idea if that goes for NYW? Anyway my dragoons will be Dutch so no problem with smaller horses!

    The only other company I know that does this is Empress miniatures for thier ECW dragoons.

  6. Superb! {A Hautbois player would be just brilliant...]

  7. A cracking idea, will you be doing some in tricorn?

  8. I guess we could complete the et and go for tricornes too, then we'd have all options covered.
    Hautbois Alan? we'll have to think about that one!

  9. Barry,
    for one, i agree with your choice of smaller horses for dragoons, from what i have read they tended to get the left overs and it will be good to get a difference in look
    Mark S

  10. that was the thinking Mark. Also, I think gamers are mentally conditioned by what is available from manufacturers. I believe there is a certain level of OCD symmetry prevalent in figure collectors. Everything has to match, be the same height, wear the right clothes etc, you know what I mean.. just like real life :)
    We are of course all 6 feet tall from foot to eye level - wargaming figures are modelled on us,I thought everyone knew that!

  11. Hurrah, at last correct sized dragoon horses, so it might stop some of the Numpties wanting to use them as cavalry.

  12. Looking nice. Any chance of Kapurs-wearing dragoons and cavalry for the Scanian war?

  13. Not sure on that BP as variants cost money and the more specialist they get they less likely it is we'd recover any investment. To actually break even on a set of 5 minis you have to shift 100+ units per code (much more for cavalry). Doesn't mean we won't get round to it but the economics dictate cash in = liquidity

  14. Very glad to see you're doing smaller horses for the dragoons - totally agree with this!

    I've already used smaller horses behind my dismounted Dragoons.

    Looking forward to being able to model my mounted 'Greys' now...

  15. Look well worth the wait. I think some of the caution by previous manufacturers about smaller dragoon horses may well be that the cavalry horse has tended to be a bit out of scale to their riderss already, so reducing them more would not work. (Or put another way they depict everyone on dragoon mounts...)

  16. The zone where reality bumps into gamers expectations is fraught with challenge. The strongest arguments against doing something often come from those who would know one end of a horse* from the other..

    *substitute any object :)


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