Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What this site needs are more photos of Mr Hilton!

Clarence Harrison - Yes, I apologize, but I'm the one taking the photos so you get more shots of the Scotsman. It was sort of unavoidable giving the object of this post...

On behalf of myself and the aforementioned Mr. Hilton, thanks to everyone who played in our games. I tried to get photos of each session that included all the gamers, but it's like herding cats! Maybe next time I need to make everyone line up! I also don't seem to have any photos of the pick up game Thursday night when Dan Faulconbridge joined the Jacobite cause. He had to leave a few minutes early (after getting General Maumont killed), but did ask the next day, 'Did we win?' Yes, Dan, you did...

In no particular order...

I don't remember everyone's name (Barry probably does). I will remember your face and hope to see you at an event again. If you come up and introduce yourself and draw a blank look, just kick me in the shin and remind me you played in the Pennyburn Mill game!

Jim Getz, author of many Napoleonic rule sets, and Bill Thornhill of Footsore Miniatures both played in our game and joined us for dinner one evening. Dannie Fogleman from the Fighting Talk forum played in our first game (and also met us for dinner one evening - hmm... there is a theme developing) and spent time visiting between games the rest of the weekend. Alex, Brad, Dan, David, Grant, John, Joseph (who played in two games, once on each side), Kalissa, Kyle, Mark, Pete, Richard (there were at least three players named Richard), Ted, Tod, and William... I am missing at least ten of you! If you see this and I've left you out, please sound off below.

You were all great sports, even when the random events went against! Every session was fun - Barry and I enjoyed the experience immensely.

Thanks again!


  1. Friday morning's Richard here: I had an excellent time. It was definitely the best game I played all weekend.

    Looking forward to next year's!

  2. Clarence, we had four Richards, two Williams, Jeff of the boat infamy, Philip, Jesus, Greg, Peter and Anthony... so I have filled in another eight names right off the bat!

  3. And Edward and Larry from Wyoming!... and I didn't write any of these names down!

  4. Ha! I KNEW you would remember more... A quartet of Richards!

  5. I think we had a total of 49 players so we are still missing 19!

  6. Patrick and Chris from Maryland....Patrick, you know, the guy with the worst Protestant commander rolls....oh yeah, the guy who brought Jeff of the Boat! lol! We had a blast, thanks to Barry and Clarence for giving us a taste of BLB, we are officially hooked! Looking forward to the next encounter on the field!


  7. Hi Barry and Clarence

    Thanks for the game first thing on Saturday, the rules were great and the table / figures were excellent.

    I can't wait to start WSS period but now you've shown me something different.

    All the best

    Lee (from England)

  8. Please feel free to take a look at our blog of our holiday 2016 which includes Historicon and shots of the game.

    1. Ah, that was infamous Williamite victory in eight turns game... The dice fell well for your opponents and Captain Getz was in command of the Kestrel...

      Thanks for that, Lee - I took a pile of pictures, but it's fun to some from other people...

    2. Nice to meet you there Lee. Great blog, glad you had a good holiday and enjoyed the game!


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