Sunday, August 21, 2016

GNW Swedish Cavalry - new sculpts

I am so excited about these and the fact that we'll have them in production very soon. We have nine new troopers (soon to be 12) plus six new command plus 5 new horses.

Clib has pulled out all the stops with these and the preview shots here will be expanded with more detailed reviews of each code.

Swedish troopers charging 2

So for now here they are:

Swedish Troopers ready 1
Arms on the charging troopers are plug in and the arms on the troopers at the ready are single sculpts.

Swedish Troopers ready 1 (variant set to follow)
Scabbards are plug ins.

Russian sculpts will follow in a subsequent post


  1. Oh yeah! Now i have to finish my first part of the swedish cav (18 more of the prototype ones) SoI can start on the new models.

  2. Barry,
    just keep getting better and better,

  3. I am saving up for when you release them now. Don't tell the finance department


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