Sunday, August 28, 2016

Warfare Miniatures Mounted Dragoons Command

WLOA60 Mounted dragoon Command in hats

The first mounted dragoon command code features models in hats. Included are an officer, a guidon bearer and a drummer.

Guidon bearer

Guidon bearer

Guidon bearer on alternative mount

The models are mounted on smaller, dragoon sized horses.

Dragoon drummer

Dragoon drummer

Dragoon drummer

I have added a field sign to their hats and painted them as Colonel Albert Conyngham's Enniskillen Regiment of Dragoons.

Dragoon officer - can also be used for cavalry

Dragoon officer

Painted as Sir Albert Conyngham


  1. Looks like my saxon cav will get some dragoon support!

  2. Great work, and excellent animation on the horses

  3. Thanks Piotr - have now painted four more and so the finished unit will appear on the blog shortly


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