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Battle of Reunion August 1689 BLB3 play test Part 2

The Williamite army is in the foreground

In this post we overview Bob's Williamite force. The idea of its composition represents the available Irish Protestant forces before the landing of King William's English and continental troops in August of 1689. The units are all from Enniskillen and Derry.

Murray's Derry squadrons

Horse of the Left under Adam Murray                                               2 points

4 squadrons of Derry Volunteer Horse: Bullet / Raw                             2 points

The Derry Foot and their light gun

Foot of the Centre Left under John Mitchelburne                           2.5 points
Colonel John Mitchelburne's Regiment: Raw / Pike & Shot  /0.5 points
Colonel St John's Regiment: Raw / Pike & Shot / 0.5 points
Colonel Hamilton's Regiment: Raw / Pike & Shot -flintlock musket / 1 point
Light gun / Drilled              0.5 points

Attached: significant personality: Sir Arthur Rawdon - The Cock of the North (free)

The 'impetuous' Enniskillen infantry

Foot of the Centre Right under Colonel Thomas Lloyd            2.5 points
Colonel Lloyd's Regiment (12 models) Raw - flintlock musket - loose order  1 point
Colonel Zachariah Tiffin's Regiment (12 models) Raw - flintlock musket - loose order 1 point
Colonel Gustavus Hamilton's Regiment: Raw Pike & Shot - / 0.5 points

Wolseley's brigade of Enniskillen Horse and dragoons

Horse of the Right under Colonel William Wolseley                             3 points
2 squadrons of Albert Conyngham's Dragoons: Raw - flintlock musket  2 points
1 squadron of William Wolseley's Horse: Raw - Blade                            1 point

The Protestant army is significantly larger than its opponents but is composed entirely of Raw troops. We were curious as to how it would perform with some scepticism that it would stand for any length of time. What we found with the newly dimensions to BLB is that is fought very well in terms of durability but where it is lacking is where historically you may expect.. in its ability to deal a decisive blow.

The battle lasted 10 turns and will unfold in the following posts. Stay with us and find out how:

The Cock of the North flew away, The King's #1 Bastard fought his enemy into submission and what happens when loose order Enniskillen infantry go out of control!


  1. They might have been raw but looked very daunting when you were facing them being so close and knowing I didn't have much time or space to react to their advance.

  2. Looks like a very interesting game, i like the idea of having a completely raw force and seeing what i could do with it

    Mark S

  3. With the new rules for using the Enniskilleners and the troop mix of both sides it made for an unpredictable game. The Foot of both sides were almost balanced numerically although having a Drilled-Elite unit provided a stronge edge for Richard Hamilton. Both sides had dragoons with the Jacobites staying dismounted and the Protestants staying mounted. Reversing that would have changes things and probably helped both sides in different ways. The Protestants have five squadrons to the Jacobite three but the quality difference and the Blade v Bullet helped tremendously.
    We were surprised at how few Raw units bolted. The final collapse was dramatic but not sudden. One side's capability eroded steadily until the final straw broke the camel's back so to speak.

  4. What would be the BLB 3 equivalent of BLB 2 elite and guard rating?

  5. Elite is a new addition to the rules. It works in the same way as that rating in Republic to Empire giving a morale bonus only as it is a 'self perception'. Guard as a category has been removed from the main rules and is a 'special rule' contained in the optional rules section.

  6. Hm intresting looking forward to seeing how that will affect my Swedish death machine army.

  7. So, if one was to be assembling a Jacobite Highlander force for the 15 & 19 Risings, one could apply Elite status to those Clans (And to the British Grenadiers on the other side at Glen Shiel) who historically fought harder during those battles?

  8. Yes, if you chose to Patrick. The Elite status is to mark the unit out as being perceived as special in some way. They do not fight better but in morale terms they receive a modifier bonus.
    Veteran status confers - battle experience. Veteran-Elite would be a unit such as a personal Life Guard with proven combat success

    1. Right, I guess some of the men under Murray at Glen Shiel could be considered veterans as they fought in the 15 Rising as well. Ok, makes get those rules released! ;)


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