Sunday, September 4, 2016

Warfare Miniatures Mounted Dragoons - detail view

WLOA58 Mounted dragoons in hats

Here is a detailed overview of Warfare Miniatures' new mounted dragoon code of three troopers. The models are sculpted with hats.
This relaxed and natural pose is a nice change

Horse size works very well

The new horses are really well proportioned

The horses are of a size representing the inferior mounts of dragoons. There are four horse variants and three of the four have dragoon equipment attached to the horse furniture.

This pose has a separate hand to glue into the right arm socket

This model clearly shows the field sign in the hat band

This pose is not typical of the way dragoons of the period are normally modelled.

The sculpts are very easy to paint and to cover all options the riders also fit on our large cavalry horses.

The traditional dragoon pose

The fire arm is angled in a natural position

This is another very nicely proportioned horse

Swords are separate items which are included in the pack. The dragoon trailing his long arm has an attachable hand holding the weapon.

The Grey Dragoons of Enniskillen

I have added field signs to their hats which are also available from Warfare. This marks the unit out as Williamites.

The unit has been painted as Colonel Albert Conyngham's Enniskillen Dragoons.


  1. I plan on giving my saxons some dragoons, and the danes might get a norwegian dragoon regiment(while they never took part in a major battle. One regiment was in Germany during one of the big sieges.

    BUT, what about English/British dragoons. Not only did they have larger mounts then other dragoons. They also did fight whole battles as cavalry. Would it be better to simply use "regular cav" for British dragoons. With separate foot dragoons (this is what you did in the sample army in BLB)

  2. Barry, these look fantastic. I'm certainly looking forward to getting some, together with some of their French dragoon adversaries. I certainly like the smaller, more accurate horses. It really makes the unit look as if, as the Earl of Orrery wrote in 1677 "the Dragoons are commonly the briskest, and daringst of the private Soldiers". You can easily imagine them coaxing these horses through light woods, broken ground, and across the streams of Flanders or Ireland. I like them a lot.


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