Wednesday, October 12, 2016

GNW Early period Russian musketeer

nice pose and elegant, slender sculpt

I like this figure. I like its slender upright look and the detail on it is fantastic. It was a test sculpt and has not gone into production. I have no idea what the demand would be for it nevertheless, I am painting myself a couple of units of the type right now.

figure from various angles

I am experimenting with different uniform combinations and may end up with a battalion in which each company has a different colour combination.

messing around with colour combos

I thought I would let the community have a butchers and see if there is any interest in the model.

will probably combine these in the same unit

The top layer of the uniform coats is Pale Sand.

I thought the combination of colours worked here


  1. Barry,

    great looking figures and you can put me down for a couple of battalions (at least) just the figures I was looking for, for Narva etc. I think they will look great on snow covered bases
    Mark S

  2. I would buy these if they had some command figures. They would be great for up to 1704 and perhaps a bit beyond.


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