Monday, October 3, 2016

Steaming out of Pompey early in the morning

HMS St Albans Type 23. Commissioned 2000. Built at Yarrows on the Clyde

I have always been fascinated by ships. The last time I sailed out of Portsmouth for Normandy I took some great shots of the Royal Navy's ships. Leaving early in the morning in late 2016 I got another golden chance to take some pictures of beautiful warships past and present.

HMS Bristol launched in 1969 now a training ship

HMS Illustrious R06. Launched 1978 Swann Hunter. De-commissioned 2014

Type 45 HMS Dragon - never seen this artwork on a RN ship before!

F234 HMS Iron Duke TYPE 23. Launched 1991, Yarrows on the Clyde

F237 HMS Westminster TYPE 23, Launched 1992, Swan Hunter

Atmospheric early morning shot into the dockyard two Type 45s in the middle ground

Not sure which vessel this is a mine hunter perhaps

Nice shot of HMS Westminster

Two more Type 45s - are any at sea - oops these the ships with engine problems

Mine counter measures vessels in a small harbour area. One is definitely HMS Atherstone
Another shot of HMS Bristol D23

Nice shot of HMS Illustrious with TYPE 45 HMS Duncan on the right


Two other TYPE 45s possibly HMS Daring and HMS Defender

Some ships it is sad to see being decommissioned and probably awaiting the breakers yard although I read recently that a couple of cities were bidding to buy the Illustrious as a museum piece. It was a chance to snap and snap and snap.
Some nice shots of two real veterans to follow.. HMS Victory and HMS Warrior.


  1. "Some nice shots of two real veterans to follow"

    Thought you were talking about Dave & me there :) :)

  2. I WAS talking about you and Grandad

  3. I think they should put the victory back at sea (she is still in commission) in today's world armor have no effect when hit by powerful long range missiles. Simply hide some missed launchers (make them look like 24 and 32 pounders) 110 missiles would make any missile counter measures sweat)

  4. Company no longer springing for airfare?

  5. cheeky chap.. I am supposed to be on holiday... not at the company's expense!


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