Friday, December 30, 2016

Eclectic Holiday post #1 AFVs I have known

Well, it is the holiday season and I do have a lot of pictures in my archive so I thought I would share some of those as wargamers often like to see the real thing as well as toys. 

Sherman with long 75 - Utah Beach, Normandie - taken 2016

British Universal Carrier - Caen, Normandie - taken in 2008

M3 Half track - D Day Museum near Omaha Beach - taken 2016

Non penetrating hits on Panther glacis - Normandie - taken 2016
Killer hit? Panther, Normandie - taken 2016

Buffalo - Utah Beach Museum - taken 2016
M10 Tank Destroyer Bayeaux, Normandie - taken 2006
Captured Kettenkrad - Normandie - taken 2016
Sexton - Museum at Falaise, Normandie - taken 2006
Goliath - remote control bomb - Utah Beach Museum - Normandie - taken 2016

 Hetzer at Bayeaux, Normandie - taken in 2006 or 2007
Sexton with 25pdr - Caen, Normandie - taken in 2009

PzVI(E) Vimoutiers near Falaise, Normandy - taken 2006

If you find yourself looking at any of these and saying... 'that's not right, it doesn't look exactly like the Battlefront model'.... turn off your computer and make an appointment for the doctor asap..

Label and comments as appropriate..

 Russian T26, Turkish Army Museum, Istanbul - taken in 2013
Sherman - Avranches, Normandie - taken in 2008

FAMO - Heavy tractor - Normandie - taken 2016
 Churchill at Bayeaux, Normandie - taken in 2006 or 2007

 PzVI King Tiger..with  a Panther's barrel - taken in the Ardennes 2010

Whether an apocryphal tale or no, we were informed that following the end of the Battle of the Bulge American engineers could not get this beast on the back of a low loader truck. It had run out of fuel during the final battle. The local Mayor offered to buy it from the Americans who sold it for a bottle of brandy! Great story. Last time I saw it it had a different paint job.

If this post proves remotely popular, I have lots more but let's close the curtain on my tank obsession for now.

More holiday nonsense shortly,


  1. Hi Barry, I remember the King Tiger in a camo pattern....not sure it was a German pattern, but what is up with the Iraqi Sand color? Hahaha....making my appointment to the docs now! ;) Happy New Year!

    1. The Tiger should be the one in La Gleize AND it was in the wrong camo indeed. The colour it shows now most likeley an attempt to show it in German Dark Yellow but...

  2., La Gleize town council needs a wargamer to set them right!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Patrick and Gunter, yes you are both correct it is the tank in la Gleize. When I saw it two years later it was in camp pattern but I can't find that picture. Make sure you both get to the Doc for your check up from the neck up🤓

  5. Bloody auto correct .. That of course was camo pattern

  6. Putting the midget beside the King Tiger makes it look even bigger than normal. 8-)

  7. Funny Guys... Truckwit and Grandpaw


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