Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Solving a basing conundrum - GNW Russians

The original and traditional idea which of course, works!

I was very much looking forward to this task but at the same time had some trepidation. I worked hard on the painting, I loved the sculpts and the poses yet putting them all together in a unit presented some challenges.

Marginal bayonet overhang - still a nightmare for my OCD

From a slightly different angle

The chaps thrusting their bayonets forward instinctively look like they should be in the front rank yet giving them the space to do this meant that the entire unit would either have to be compressed towards the back of the base or I have to look my figure basing demon straight in the eye and have precious and potentially fragile bayonets overhanging the front lip of the base.

Front of base, regular bayonet wall, 3 ranks all on 60mm

Two musketeer stands together

Looking neater....

Damage and distortion would be almost inevitable - disproportionate heartache for an anally retentive soul such as mine.

Then, just as I was puzzling this through, I got an e-mail question from one of the Blog followers with the question - how was I going to do it? Serendipitously timed, I decided to mock up a couple of iterations to see what worked best. My final choice scores for me on four counts and does not on one. I think the result is a very good compromise.

Another angle and without the pikes

I can see alternative solutions when basing the unit again and going for a more irregular and combat disrupted appearance. For now though I believe this set up scores positive as follows:

1. Regularity of the bayonet wall.

2. Alignment with the front ran of pikemen.

3. Front 'ready' men appear to be protecting their second rank 'thrusting' comrades.

4. Enough space at the back of the base to place supernumaries on the two musketeer wings.

Incomplete but taking shape

My only regret I have mitigated somewhat. The full animation an visibility of the thrusting model is somewhat hidden by his place in the second rank but, by having him on the end of the row on both flanks his pose is visible plainly.

Next time I will jumble the poses up as if the are some disordered on contact.

Will be good to see what others do with these poses. The figures are now available for pre order:
Code R10.


  1. Why not keep the same frontage as usual, but go for a deeper base to protect the bayonets. That's what I ended up doing with my Warfare Swedes.


    1. Yup, yours look great Jim, I like deep bases but I have based so much of my collection on 60 x 60mm now that shifting the base depth would create inconsistency designed to irritate my OCD!

    2. But is said inconsistency worth it to get the best visual effect of the bayonet wall in your first few images?

      I'm having to do much the same with Jim's beautiful Hessians, because I'd rather deal with super-deep (80mm) bases then have bayonets break off.

    3. Well We'll see Robert.. I have an endless supply of Russians to experiment with!

  2. Looking very good, is this a new green for the russian? Looks lighter.

    1. Yes, lighter than the previous Russians I painted, it is a 3 paint mix of Vallejo colours. I could have washed it down in a dark green wash/ink which would have toned it back but I thought I'd just leave it for a bit of variety in the army.

  3. What size of bases are you using Barry?

  4. They really look excellent, just love the poses.

  5. I guess for me with a mix of cool looking figures doing stuff; maybe spread the action over different groups doing different things; preparing for a charge - thus bayonets at the ready to a firing line - thus reloading and firing. I would think in this perspective you can adjust the figures to lay deep or in the middle still using your basing. Then the action of the pikes following suite for preparing for a charge or standing-by while the musketeers are firing.


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