Saturday, January 7, 2017

More Swedish products for the GNW

By popular request I am making the tumbril cart set available.

It contains three artillerymen/soldiers pushing or assisting.
The tumbril cart and horse.
WLOA918 Barrels and load.

the 'lead rope'  in the hand of the front model is a small length of thick thread.

Reaction from seeing this vignette at recent shows has resulted in its availability.

Also here are some pictures of S01 The standing code of Swedish musketeers which previously has not been seen painted

S01 Swedish Musketeers standing in tricorne


  1. Barry,

    tempting us with more loveliness, Swedes look great painted up

  2. Great looking Swedish troops (love the beard!) and amazing cart vignette, superb!


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