Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Normal Service (as such).. resumed

too much of this leads to....

This.. clearly what colleagues with iPhones are for!

Apologies for my invisibility over the past few days. Work and travel combined to make for very long and jet lagged days which kept me away from the laptop other than to deal with non emergencies.

Needless to say, in that time we've been hacked on the LoA site with I think concomitant arse-ache for anyone trying to log into the forum. I am still trying to remember my new password so that I can log in and free up everyone else's account resets. With a week at home now I will try and achieve this objective at least.

apologies for the iphone pix - a WiP shot of a new Russian battalion

quick iPhone pic - nice look for this battalion even without Colours

Tactica looms large on the horizon and Toggy, Gwen and I are all set to bring the GNW back to North Germany! (in miniature at least and hopefully that will allay any nervousness in the natives of Hamburg). This means feverish activity and more flags than we've had on the table in some time. Poles, Cossacks, Russians and Swedes meaning 50+ flags will light up the game.

Assembled Russian Grenadiers - a sculpt from the test batch of 2014

 Along with Toggy's and my own painting will be some of Rob Goodyer's super work which is currently supplementing our burgeoning GNW collection. I hope to feature every unit on the blog over the next few weeks if I get a chance to photograph them all that is.

Some updates from us here at Warfare/Wordtwister/League of Augsburg/Quindia GHQ.

Russian Grenadiers in fur trimmed mitres

Russian Infantry Command advancing

Russian Pikemen in kartuz

Warfare have been busy. We nearly got to market with the Swedish and Russian cavalry but decided we wanted to make a few tweaks before release so these boys went back into the queue. Jumping ahead of them have been several other Russian infantry models including

Musketeers in tricorne advancing
Pikemen in tricorne advancing
Command advancing
Pikemen in kartuz standing
Grenadiers in fur trimmed mitre standing
Streltsi Musketeers standing ready

I got inventive here with a limber conversion for the Russians inspired by...

20mm models from Tactica last year - limbers inspired the conversion

All of these are either released, about to be released or going to production moulding shortly. The cavalry will be hot on their heels.

Sans drapeaux... Russians for Tactica

Russian garison battlaion with rather Scandinavian officers

The Streltsi battalion - using French officers gives it a nice look

By now the Russian infantry codes number 16 (only eight less than the Swedes) and we are still going strong. More soon.

Clarence and I are back on the trail with BLB3 War of the Three Kings. Action call tonight.

I have several new pdfs written, we just need to decide where they fit in the artwork production queue.

With Clarence finally making it over to our side of the ocean we have an exciting weekender + 4 day Boy's Odyssey through the Irish Battlefields of 1689-1691 Tour planned for April.

We also hope to have some new flags for the GNW produced soon. Exciting times


  1. Barry,

    Russian limber looks great, as do the rest of the Russians, and I am looking forward to seeing your next publications/PDF's


  2. "Tactica looms large on the horizon and Toggy, Gwen and I are all set to bring the GNW back to North Germany! (in miniature at least and hopefully that will allay any nervousness in the natives of Hamburg)."

    I had the image on Gwen on horseback leading a horde of pike armed Scots through the shopping districts of Berlin...

  3. That's what I like to see Barry, having a little nap in the day.

    I agree the limber looks great, as does the figures due for release. I look forward to reading about your trip with Clarence around the Irish battlefields.

    Keep up the good work with BLB3 as that's very much on my radar on release.


  4. I want those Russian limbers. Yes I do.

    1. relatively simple conversion Paul. The horizontal is a piece of soft wood dowel cut and fixed using super glue. Four holes drilled using a pin drill and trace lines made from rigging thread. The chest is from the siege accessories. The rider in soft hat is an Enthusiastic cavalryman from WLOA34 with an officer's arm. The three horses set it off. The gun and crew following the limber up will follow soon.

  5. Swedish Cavalry and more flags mmmm.....(Rubs hands together)

  6. Well Barry, at least you had a sharp dream:-)

    1. You work 14 hour days for 10 days on the trot and get caught taking a 20 minute power nap! sheesh.. life is a bitch

  7. Those defending Russians are awesome.

  8. Over the last four nights I have based up 50 Polish cavalry for the game in Hamburg... photos soon

  9. Barry,
    Beautiful figures indeed, when will those advancing Russians be available?
    Thank you ;o)


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