Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Warfare Miniatures USA

Clarence Harrison - Ok, I've been really quiet around here for a while. I've not been idle, but I haven't really had time to post. I spent the last few months setting up the new online store for Warfare Miniatures USA. There's been lots of dealing with bureaucrats and banks, fiddling with HTML, doing math (ugh), and sorting piles of toy soldiers. Quindia Studios and Warfare Miniatures USA are officially licensed (and taxed) businesses!

There are over 150 codes available in the shop not including the flag sheets which feature more than 400 regiments. You can also order Donnybrook from the shop and any of the PDF's we offer.

There are still some items missing, but the store is growing and by this summer I should have the entire range of Warfare Miniatures available. The shop will be open for business on March 1st, 2017 at, but you can head over to the link now and sign up for the mailing list (once I figure out how that works)!


  1. It is fantastic news that my creative twin in VA is now taking over the reins of the Warfare Miniatures war wagon in North America. We have lots of interest and customers in the US and Canada and I am certain that Clarence's modelling eye will produce some tasty tempting images of what Warfare products can do for your North American gaming table!


  2. Congratulations to both of you for this new venture. Best wishes for a very successful enterprise.


  3. That's great news for us Yanks. BTW, what happened to the 'Le Roi Soleil' connection?

  4. Bob's career takes him far and wide out of the US on a frequent basis and he felt he wanted to pass the baton to someone he knew personally, trusted and had the same kind of passion as he does about wargaming and the period specifically.
    Clarence and I have a multi layered and highly productive creative partnership already so the synergy the new set up does not add to our strength but multiplies it.

  5. Good luck, wishing you lots of successful years! BTW, Clarence, you going to be at Cold Wars?

  6. Thanks.. I won't make any conventions this year... I'm headed to Scotland and Ireland at the end of the month and devoted most of my time off for the year to that trip. I'll probably try to hit Historicon next year...

  7. Awesome! Congrats on this new adventure. You mentioned not having flags yet...when will you start having those in stock? Looking forward to making some orders. Oh I also got onto your mailing list.

    1. Ah... the flag sheets ARE available. The 'not including' bit was meant for the 150 codes. That maybe should have been 150 codes PLUS flags for more than 400 regiments...

      Thanks for joining the mailing list!

  8. Clarence;
    Awesome! While I'm in a massive re-base project for my GNW project, I will be looking for those flags here soon. I'm a big flag guy and you guys have the best out there and the price is good too. Plus also waiting in anticipation for the BLBv3 for the GNW release as well.
    Thank you for the response.


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