Thursday, March 2, 2017

Inspired by Gunter and PC games

Test base of Saxon cuirassiers - I used WLOA53 with tricornes

I have grown fond of the Saxons but have not yet seriously started painting any. Gunter Heim's mammoth Saxon Army of the GNW used almost exclusively Warfare Miniatures and I have had the pleasure of seeing them in action three times.

Part of Gunter's Kurassier horde

Reading about the Saxons and playing the Pike & Shot Campaign game as the Saxons at Fraustadt, Klissow and Gemeaurthof has intrigue me even more. The game is of course limited in its AI ability and does not think like a human simply reacting to the player moves. Difficulty of scenario is created by downgrading player morale and upgrading AI morale. Nevertheless the games have been fun and the Saxons prove quite tough and frequently win.

Pike & Shot Battle of Klissow

 I have been meaning to start some Saxons but lack of time has prevented it which has been frustrating.

I am happy with both the colours and the poses of the test base

I have managed to get started with this test base of cuirassiers. Since all Saxon cavalry with the exception of the dragoon regiments were cuirassiers any collector is spoiled for choice.

The Army of August the Strong in the Northern War

This German language book from the Army and Weapons series is pricey but has some really interesting illustrations. It shows the Saxon army in an extremely wide variety of dress styles substantiating the use of almost any 1680-1720 period wargames figures legitimately.

Another view of the test

Gunter chose to put all of his troops in the informal shaped hat. which looks fantastic. I have learned from his experience and am going to mix the dress of my Saxons.

Led by the Gardes du Corps - Gunter Heim's collection

The choice of facing colours in the Saxon army is extremely wide and the flags, specifically commissioned from Quindia Studios by Gunter are truly spectacular and prismatic in shade.

Oh, those flags.. 3 per battalion

Watch out for more Saxons coming your way from me.


  1. Oh Barry, my Barry! :-)
    You too have caught the Saxon Flu!
    If it helps each flag matches a certain Vallejo Colour. Anyone who wants the list of it may send me a PM on LOA Forum or to Glad to help.
    Btw., nice paintjob there Barry!

  2. Thanks Big Fella! I do like the look of the Saxons and will built my units steadily

  3. Thanks Barry,
    I have been trying hard not to go down this Saxon road and you had to bring it up didn't you.

  4. Just ordered the book off Amazon, and looks like will be ordering some of Gunters /Quindia Studios flags and some of your horse after the weekend

  5. What a lovely looking army. I must get back to painting my Swedes and Russians. A Saxon force would be,neat to.

  6. Think I will do another little feature on Herr Heim's GNW Saxons as they look fantastic on the table.. coming up sometime soon

  7. From my experiences with Gunter's excellent army I advise any prospective Saxon generals to turn up mob-handed and bring caltrops!


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