Sunday, April 23, 2017

Campaign hard facts

For all you 'Stato' types out there (and in my experience that is most gamers), I have included the casualties from the main battles in the 1692 campaign season here. It will be followed by the Roll of Honour/Dishonour in a subsequent post.

As many of these units have gained experience and have featured in the 1693 campaign the information does have some gaming relevance.

Some of the players have I know, started to record the performances of their units - a subject dear to my own heart although in recent years my record keeping has been somewhat haphazard.

So here are the hard facts from the battles of Badon Hill and Ripon both fought in September 1692

Williamite casualties at Badon Hill

Dutch casualties at Badon Hill

Jacobite casualties at Badon Hill

Jacobite casualties at Badon Hill continued

Badon Hill summary

Williamite losses at Ripon

Jacobite losses at Ripon

Casualty summary for Ripon


  1. Great. I do like these kind of stats.

  2. read in conjunction with the battle reports the information can in some way explain the 'propaganda'

  3. I visited Wauchipe in his monastery/sanitarium at the weekend and confess that his still appeared traumatised by the experience. Being a guid Scot he used some colourful language to describe Dundee and that French *******
    If he ever returns to active duty I think he may have swapped allegiance .....


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