Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lots to blog about.. did we REALLY do that?

New Dutch West India Company forces attack English Creoles on Jamaica

Well, Clarence is on his flight west, Bob is back studying 18 wheelers and I am back at LoA HQ trying to make sense of the last seven days. We've manage to cram a lot into a week. Five wargames, 10 players, three theatres, an 860 miles road trip, eight battlefields and lots of walking.

Captured from whom? French Militia? We think not

Enough blogging material for a few weeks but lets start with a little taster of the action.

We continued our Battle for Britain campaign, opening the 1693 campaign season with a Covenanter insurrection in Lanarkshire, a Jacobite cavalry thrust into Lincolnshire and a three nation invasion of Jamaica.

The Conventicle happened here near Kilbryde.. reports later

We went on to a major battle for the North of England and a struggle to take a Caribbean island in the name of William of Orange, Charles of Spain, James II of England and some other interested parties.

Huguenots, Spaniards and Dutch try and wrest Jamaica from King James

Clarence, Toggy and I continued our odyssey with a trip across the sea to Ulster and the Irish Republic taking in Derry(Londonderry), Enniskillen, Lisnaskea, Crom, Newtownbutler, Athlone Aughrim and the Boyne.

Hylton's Creole Regiment in action on Jamaica

We introduced some new wargming factions to our games including a large Covenanting Civilian Mob, English Creole troops, Spanish colonial troops and freed slaves.

Irish Expeditionary troops garrison the old Spanish Fort

We had Piercy Kirke duelling with generals from his own army, the Nieuw Geoctroyeerde Westindische Compagnie (New Dutch West India Company) troops, Spaniards shooting on their Huguenot allies, General Mackay cutting deals with Dundee (maybe), Snipers refusing to shoot their targets and Alligators!

Is he actually holding Adam Murray's sword? My God, he is!

Having completed an amazing gaming weekend things got even better when the Three Amigos made new friends in Derry/Londonderry and were privileged enough to be allowed to personally handle the four padlocks of Derry and the personal weapons of George Walker and Adam Murray - yup, we had to sit down too after that. 

Yup, this is where the Gardes te Voet went in - cold and fast running Boyne

All to come over the next few weeks but it was an amazing experience


  1. Sounds like a blast! I wouldn't wanna dip my toes in that river?

  2. The weekend was a blast Barry and it sounds like the road trip was even better. I bet Clarence needs a holiday after his holiday, he must be exhausted?

    1. Yes, Dave.. in fact it continues as my flight from Atlanta to Norfolk was cancelled and I spent the night in the airport. I'm supposed to fly out of here around noon, but we'll see.

      It was a fantastic trip and I'll have lots of blog posts coming up too!

  3. Sounds like the three of you had a great time,I am looking forward to reading more of your tales of adventure

  4. Clarence's haven't finished yet.. he has been stuck in Atlanta airport for the last 24 hours - storms grounding planes

  5. Finally made it home... still a great vacation!

  6. All sounds very exciting....OK, not Clarence's trip back home but the rest. Looking forward to hearing some of the details especially AARs (hopefully).

  7. Joseph, have already prepared the AAR from the climax of last years's fighting. It will appear ver the next two weeks as a four part 'anonymous' article written by an unknown scrivener from a London Coffee House.. it tells the story of the climactic battles at Badon Hill in Somerset and Ripon in Yorkshire and describes the contributions from each of the commanders. This will then lead into the action from this year (ie last weekend)


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