Friday, May 19, 2017

GNW Swedish Brigadier vignettes

I was very keen to experiment with some test masters of the new Swedish cavalry command. I tried them on the new horses (of which there are 5 variants) and on two of the existing horses.

They were easy and fun to paint. The poses are dramatic and the look was very pleasing when finished.

I will let the photos do the talking with some commentary around each.

The dramatic officer has a separate arm.

Some infantry Colonels


  1. Looking great, can't wait to see them in the lead on Sunday,

  2. Beautiful as always. I love seeing your work. Hoping to see you guys at Historicon this year.

    1. Sorry, Richard - we won't be there this year. My vacation was spent for my trip over there. I am planning to go to Historicon 2018.

  3. Looking forward to getting hold of some of these.

  4. thank chaps, I was pleased with these, they do have a very distinctive look


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