Thursday, May 11, 2017

Warfare Miniatures - new releases and sculpts

Yep, I admit it, things have been pretty hectic over the last six to seven weeks. It may appear that we have not been doing anything here at Warfare Miniatures but a more accurate description of affairs is that we have not had time to tell anyone about all the things we have been doing!

Since my Dr Livingstone-Mr Stanley moment with Clibinarium in Enniskillen about a month ago (well exactly a month ago), we've traded at Salute, I have been abroad a bit and we've got lots of new things designed.

In fact, the Marching GNW Russians - pikemen, musketeers and command are all available but not yet in the shop. If anyone is desperate for them just mail me and we can sort it out by paypal. It will be a week or so before pictures appear.

Just to remind you what they look like here they are:

Russian Command advancing

Also available but not yet in the shop are standing pikemen in kartuz and grenadiers in fur caps. All in all we now have 16 Russian infantry packs compared with 22 Swedish so, parity almost but not yet achieved.

Russian Grenadiers

Rear view of Russian Grenadiers

Pikemen in kartuz

In addition, Clib had designed 15 Russian GNW artillerists which are currently being master moulded. I hope to have these out before too long. Here are some photos:

Russian crew loading

Russian crew running gun back

Russian crew firing

Russian Artillery officers

Lovely character in these chaps

We are also discussing a quick diversion into Prussian and Danish GNW infantry for a quick release.

Do not despair, the cavalry are again at the top of the sculpting pile and our little travails of
December/January are well behind us.

Russian Dragoon Command

Russian Dragoon Troopers

Swedish Command

Swedish Troopers

Swedish Troopers

Swedish Command #2

We are also revisiting the 1690s - more news on that soon.

As for big sellers at SALUTE - French Mounted Dragoons and GNW Russians. We were pleased with the trade footfall and had a good show.


  1. Oh my wallet is going to take a hammering.

  2. Give me swedish and Russian cavalry or give me death!

    Also Danish and prussia oh wanty1

  3. The cavalry are just about to go into the mastering process again. Production should be pretty soon after that.
    As a result of several requests we have bumped Danish and Brandenburg/Prussian infantry up the list for sculpting in June

  4. What exactly makes the Prussian infantry diffrent from say austrian, or Dutch infantry? The danes ofcourse have the double brested coat, but what stopping the Prussians from being "generic" WSS infantry?

  5. if we decide to go later war then perhaps drop collars and turned back lapels and coat tails

  6. Do the Danes before the Prussians, please!


  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. If you want to do Prussians that would work for WSS you might want to look at this source,ürst, in addition to the Robert Hall booklet/CD.

  9. Cant wait for the Swedish cavalry. Been saving my pennies and ready to go.

  10. Since the Swedish and Russian cavalry regiments were large, I hope you have unit deals on these, like the other cavalry.

  11. I especially love those artillery officers plus all the others aren't too shabby.


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