Thursday, June 1, 2017

Warfare GNW Russian pikemen in kartuz

These chaps were a little bit behind in the production queue but as can be seen from these pictures were well worth the wait.

I am not whether it was the colour combination or the figures themselves but I really enjoyed painting this batch which are now available to purchase in the online store.

The poses are equally suited to being used for sergeants or perhaps even artillerists if a little variety is to be given to the 15 gunner models we are about to release in about 2-3 week.

The Russian Army options now go from strength to strength with the Russian cavalry and commanders galloping up on the near horizon.

As a reminder here are the associated musketeer poses:

Pictures of Shermetyev, Repnin and Menshikov within a day or so.


  1. Lovely figures and lovely colors!

  2. Oi, Hilton.. what are you trying to pull? What's your source for the green pikes?

  3. What's YOUR source to say there were none? :)

  4. Russians wore a green uniform with red cuffs. I'm not talking about the strange headgear what you done.


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