Monday, June 19, 2017

Warfare Miniatures French troops of Louis XIV

Gardes Francaises

It is true, we have somewhat neglected both the European theatre and the French army on the blog. There are a variety of reasons for that but these are mostly a positive focus on other theatres rather than an anti Flanders bias.

Gardes Suisses

With limited wargaming time I have chosen to point my interest elsewhere. Putting together a decent French Army also takes some time and effort.

French mounted dragoons

Warfare's range has as yet, relatively few specifically French codes but those that we do have are supplemented by an impressive array of Quindia Studios flags for Louis's Legions.

WLOA53 painted as French Horse

In this post I thought it would be good to show that we have not forgotten the French and that 2017/18 may well be the Warfare's 'Year of the French'.

French scroll work barrels are available for Field and Positional guns

Clib and I are currently discussing how we can strengthen the French representation within the range and some new codes will undoubtedly appear in 2017.

Dismounted Dragoons command pack WLOA151

For now, here is a little reminder of what is currently available.

WLO150 painted by Toggy

WLOA152 Maison du Roi pikemen

More French to be featured very soon.


  1. Vive le France!

    Next to Swedes, my favorite army, I'm the big Francophile in my local gaming group. Love that fancy cannon barrel!

  2. So vast was the plain at Ramillies that we were able to march our army on as broad a front as we desired, and the result was a magnificent spectacle... France had surpassed herself in the quality of these troops... De la Colonie, the Old Campaigner.


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