Tuesday, June 6, 2017

WLOA61 & WLOA63 French Dragoons

WLOA61 & WLOA63 as a squadron

I have taken too long to paint these lovely French mounted dragoons. These models were a real pleasure to paint and the squadron looks pretty impressive. They are the start of the League of Augsburg game which will feature at Crisis 2017.


We are finally travelling to Flanders both physically and in gaming terms.


These codes are selling well and will be followed by more French codes over the near future.

WLOA61 side view

These are painted as Dragon La Reine (The Queen's Dragoons). The distinctive French uniforms and large number of regiments in Louis XIV's army make them a very colourful and useful component.


With coat colours varying through: red, green, yellow and blue and facings of the same the combinations available amount to around twelve uniform variants and some fantastic guidons.

Dragon La Reine 1691

The goal is to have three or four regiments completed for Antwerp. Let's see how we go. 


  1. They look truly French. Used to being part of the best - and as yet undefeated- Army in Europe. They have a swagger... great character and paint job!


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