Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Some time to reflect

Plenty of space to let my mind wander here....24.8062° N, 56.1254° E

Being somewhat averse to the sun I have used much of my time this last week to catch up on written projects safely indoors and away from it. I realized that I have a lot of these projects.

This bizarre battlefield duel did take place between two allies at 18.0193° N, 76.9758° W

I spent a good chunk of the week organizing the October gaming weekender and sorting out all of the details and plot twists. The narrative of this campaign is pretty extensive and the fact that our players assume the characters allows the whole thing to take off in a way that makes putting the pieces together into a coherent story much easier.

Compagnies Franche de la Marine will make an appearance in October at 20.0549° N, 72.7925° W

The collateral varies from the objective, statistic based  OOBs, casualty stats, routs and triumphs to the more subjective perspectives of what actually happened. Over the piece, which has so far involved eighteen people, eleven tabletop battles and much behind the scenes activity, many details have had to be created.

Building the story around the Nieuw Geoctroyeerde Westindische Compagnie was fun!

There is a very fine line between fact and fantasy and my extension of the facts is I hope, mostly grounded in logical hypothesis and projections rather than an alternative universe. In creating these additional data it has become clear that much of it could be used by other gamers who wish to explore the possibilities of the period beyond the historical battles which are easy to find on Wikipedia.

English and Dutch forts in Ghana in the 1700s - Komenda Wars

My own need to enhance the detail of the Caribbean theatre operations has lead me to find information on the Komenda Wars in Ghana between the British and the Dutch at a time when the countries were combined under William III! This nugget merits automatic inclusion in the next but one iteration of our expanding world of Jacobite v Williamite!

Jean Baptiste du Casse - will appear in October in Dumfries!

I discovered Jean Baptiste Du Casse - French Governor of Saint Dominique - how could I have missed this guy before? Another immediate inclusion. Add that to colonial struggles in Brazil, Madagascar, Pondicherry and Bangkok and my head is exploding with painting projects and scenarios.

This island features prominently in our October weekend

Team Harrison & Hilton are ideas rich but time poor. We have more output than we can cope with and this inevitably leads to delays in our material surfacing. The balance is creative control versus volume and at the moment we are losing the fight.

Jacobites and Williamites fight over near 54.8274° N, 7.4633° W

We are very conscious of the numerous requests for publication of things that we have mentioned on blogs and fora but currently cannot meet the demand.

We are trying to find compromises to unblock the log jam. Apart from BLB3/WTK we have the regimental level version of the same rules finished. We have texts for 12 new uniform pdfs, we have a Crimean and and ACW version of Republic to Empire finished, there is the Donnybrook Dark material which could pretty much go now, there is the Billy Bunteresque Victory without Quarter and a further regimental set of rules which I penned for the GNW but which now may be superseded by BLB3 Regimental level.

How to get all this stuff out there? Cloning? Hiring? Giving up what we do currently to concentrate on the hobby(attractive but not commercially viable).

In October there is trouble brewing near 56.6826° N, 5.1023° W. I know, I've been there!

My own thoughts are to  plough on, keep creating and work towards a system that allows us to get more out there quicker.

I have decided that the collateral from the campaign is meaty enough to be compiled into a wargaming guide for like minded should who want a bit of a dip into the period. I am working on that right now.

I have enjoyed my Busman's Break at the laptop. It has been fun and creative. More to come....

Amongst other places, we'll make it here in 2018.. 15.2993° N, 74.1240° E


  1. I can certainly share in the balancing act of work and home. I look forward to hearing more about the campaign if published and also the new BLB3.

    P.s. I'm with you when it comes to the weather being too hot, I feel like I'm melting.

  2. It's good to have a lot of projects. We are all on a road where it is the journey not the destination that counts. Planning, developing, shaping the project is usually more fun then completing it...!
    Looking forward to the Autumn weekender - there will be plenty to entertain us, wherever we are - the Caribbean, Ireland, Flanders, Scotland, England - and now Africa! There are endless scenarios and opportunities and surely these would appeal to the wider gaming world.
    For me, you and Clarence manage very well to maintain the quality and the creativity - a twice-a-week update works well and we know much goes on behind the scenes. We are all keen to see the Ireland book. But we know it will come. The splendid uniform guides of last year for Derry and the Boyne showed the direction...
    On work/life balance I agree. Commercial has to come first. It pays for the hobby. And Prince Hal before he became Henry V and demolished the French at Agincourt said these consoling words (as voiced by Shakespeare) ' If all the year were playing holidays, to sport would be as tedious as to work, But when they seldom come, they wished for come...'

  3. Very true words Peter and I completely agree.

    I second Peters words that both Barry and Clarence how put so much effort and their passion into this period and it has inspired me to jump in and learn more. Without their dedication and foresight I think many other would also have missed out. So I can only say thanks and I hope you don't burn yourselves out. Whatever comes next I'm sure we will all enjoy.

  4. I know how amazingly busy you always are and I am surprised how you manage to fit it all in and the list of things to get done will just have to take their time, there is no point putting out a flawed item. I was just looking at my Turks the other day and wondering about the Crimean book, I have also managed to acquire some Russians as well and it would be good to get them out on the table again.

  5. Thanks, guys... it IS frustrating... many projects seem only weeks away from completion. We are busy people and I am especially so in the summer, with 50 and 60 hour weeks being normal. When I do have spare time it is often difficult to spend it at the PC even though I thouroghly enjoy the process of crafting the books.

    BLB3 is seriously almost finished and if I had a week uninterrupted it could be done.

    If any of our independently wealthy patrons would care to pay off our mortgages, I would be thrilled to put in 50 hours a week on LoA projects!


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