Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Warfare GNW R12 Russian musketeers marching

A close in look at this code which is already proving pretty popular. As per usual we have 5 variants based on two body dollies and five different heads.

The arm comes in two options - bayonet fix and bayonet removed.

I chose to paint these in all green uniforms and I will use them for the Preobrazhenskoi Guards. Back to the old arguments - who is right and who is wrong, regarding uniform colours...

Most sources show the Guards with all green uniforms except for coat linings and cuffs which are red. Interestingly, in the GNW Compendium an officer of the Guards is shown in an all green uniform. I liked that and wanted to see how it looked on a figure.

I liked it on the figures too! I also painted codes R13 and 14 in the same manner and by adding a few extra figures will complete a battalion of the famous Guards all in dark green.


  1. Watch out for the fashion police knocking

  2. I can live with it. I have several Fatwahs pending

  3. The nice thing about painting Russians is that even the limited amount of primary material shows that the color and linings of regiments changed often and there is little information on the color of flags for specific regiments before 1712. Therefore, it is difficult to argue that any color combination is wrong, so long as the coats are green, red, white or cornflower blue. You can pick your flag color, too.


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