Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Discount on Warfare Miniatures for Partizan pre orders

WLOA58 & 60 Mounted dragoons

In order to maintain my blood pressure at an adequate level I won't be trading with Warfare Miniatures at Partizan. Running a demo and a trade stand with two people is less than relaxing.

WLOA940 Wagon with water barrels

I am happy though to offer 10% discount on any items ordered in advance. Just pop me an email at wordtwister@hotmail.co.uk before Friday 18th letting me know exactly what you want and you can collect it at the show. Payment either beforehand or on the day.

S13 & S14 Swedes in karpus attacking

Just to remind all our customers that the Warfare range continues to expand with ECW cavalry being available sometime in the Autumn together with WSS/GNW Danes and Prussians, Swedish and Russian Cavalry and dragoons and more Grand Alliance period infantry.

Lesser known gem in the range H3 Highlanders with muskets

1 comment:

  1. More Grand Alliance period infantry? Does that mean that we will finally get Scanian war Swedish infantry?

    More Great Northen War minis is allways good...


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