Friday, August 11, 2017

Surely there can't be more?: Warfare Minis Guest Gallery 4

Joe North's Vatican battalion - genuine I believe

One of the more unusual units we have seen is a battalion which I believe was raised by the Vatican and was painted by Joe North.

Dutch Brandenburg Regiment by Kris Allsop

Kris Allsop painted these two battalions the Dutch Brandenburg Regiment (which may well have been German) and...

Sir John Hanmer's Regiment from Kris Allsop

Sir John Hanmer's English Regiment of Foot in rather natty red-tawny.

Spencer Warner's Dumbarton's Regiment

The late Spencer Warner, founder of Warfare Miniatures and my partner for a time in the business, painted some nice pieces from the range including..

Command Group from Spencer Warner

Spence's style was very neat and precise as demonstrated by this command group from Pontius Pilate's Bodyguard.. Dumbarton's Regiment of Foot (above) and some nice individual models...

English Grenadier by Spencer

Killigrew's Marines by Spencer

Scots musketeer from Spencer

Chris Steadman did two nice battalions of Danes which are now in my own collection..

Danish Regiment Funen by Chris Steadman

Garden til Fods by Chris Steadman

Gunter Heim, Austria's most patriotic Saxon has a considerable and impressive army for the GNW some of which may have been painted by Gunter himself with the majority by a contract painter whose name I don't know.

Masses of cuirasses from Gunter Heim's collection of Saxons

For sure there is lots of it with 16+ battalions and some 12+ cavalry regiments (mostly cuirassiers).

Dragoons from Gunter's collection painted by our very own Toggy

Speaking with Gunter recently I understand the post 1707 Saxon Army will soon be getting underway!


  1. Thank You Barry for mentioning me, The contracted Painter was Neil Wilson. I painted indeed the 14 Guns and crews and a few other figures. The GNW Saxon Army contains now 48 Battalions, 7 Cuirassier Regiments, the Garde du Corps, 2 dimounted Dragoon Regiments (who may find one day their horses:-)). Still nowhere to "find" are the 2+2 mounted Dragoon Regiments...eventually in Norway..

  2. Those livgarden til fods look great!

  3. Once again fantastic work,, the depth of colours are great (I wish I could paint as well as you guys).

    1. It's just practice Lee. Experiment and get used to certain methods. Neatness goes a long way to making a finished result. Don't get disheartened and see each figure through to the end. It comes, don't worry!


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