Saturday, September 16, 2017

Breaking the surface

The yin and yang of constant travel - herbal tea and cakes

No, I have not sunk to the bottom of the sea, missing without trace. I am acutely aware of my lack of blog output over the last week+. Unfortunately work commits have taken me around the square - London -Amsterdam -Stuttgart - Paris - London, by planes trains and automobiles meaning, naff all time to witter like a curmudgeon.

Things have been happening and so I thought it may be time to explain what is occurring....

Rehnskiold, Leijonhufvud and Stenbock

On the Warfare Miniatures front we will soon release our six BIG MEN from the Great Northern War: Leijonhufvud, Stenbock  and Rehnskiold for the Swedes and Menshikov, Shermetyev and Repnin for the Russians. The figures are currently being production moulded and should be available in October.

Menshikov, Repnin and Shermetyev

In addition, we are well advanced with our new Danes and Prussians which can be used across the period 1690 - 1720 with variants to suit the evolving dress styles. This makes official our first venture into the War of the Spanish Succession.

Sneak peek at the new Prussian WSS/GNW dolls

Further to these developments we have new lines of product coming, including Thirty Year War and English Civil War plus, contemporary troops from other theatres in that period.

Also coming soon with 6 horse and 9 rider variants for ECW/TYW

On the long awaited, Billy Bunter's postal order-esque War of Three Kings (Beneath the Lily Banners 3rd Edition) the book is laid out, we are currently proof reading and finish some artwork. It currently stands at a page count of 150+ and we are delighted with how it looks and plays as a rule set. We have trailed the game mechanics at Tactica, Carronade, Partizan I, Historicon and will do so again at Crisis in 2017. Following that we'll see the gates open on a backlog of other publications and pdfs which are awaiting attention.

We are back in the Caribbean in October plus England, Scotland and.. Flanders

Our now long running 1693 Battle for Britain campaign continues in October when we return to Dumfries to continue the power struggle for the throne of the Three Kingdomes. I believe at the moment we have around twelve of the regular characters attending and the shenanigans will doubtless continue.(well, I know they will because I have been particularly devious this time!).

Toggy's Danube summer hut

I've always like this Young Guard unit and it got to play this summer at Arcis sur Aube!

Apart from all this, Toggy continues to amass the 1814 Austrian Army on a one to one scale whilst collecting more wargaming objet d'arte in the form of wonderfully hand crafted buildings.

Great boost for Donnybrook in this issue - thanks Rik!

I have a couple of pieces due for ventilation in Wargames Illustrated over the next few issues but I suspect none will have quite the positive impact on sales that Rik's piece on Donnybrook had. Well thanks again Rik for a real marketing lift!!

This year's Tactica effort may well be further south and west than the Ukraine

We are hopefully heading for Tactica in 2018 and by then various other projects long awaited and unexpected should be peeking out for the gaming community to have a gander.

So, despite rumours to the contrary, I have not switched off my scrivener's angle lamp for the last time and will continue to agitate for the foreseeable future... right! Which gate is this flight boarding from...

one of the more remote airports I have had the pleasure of


  1. where did you get that fantastic Eastern European church in the 2nd last picture? I want one!

  2. What's happening with the Swedish and Russian cavalry?

  3. The Russians are being master moulded next week. The Swedes will follow in a couple of weeks. We finally made it! I forgot to announce that and it's probably the biggest news of all! Call it jet lag Dannie

  4. Great update Barry, thanks

    You mentioned an early start into WSS. Have you other figures / publications for this period in the planning ?

    Good to hear about the 3rd edition, can't wait for its release

    1. Sorry for the late reply Lee, have been up against it at work recently. We have Danes and Prussians well advanced. You'll see other stuff starting to appear son and of course about 11 of the Cuirassier codes are designed for the WSS already. The Russian infantry from the GNW will double for many nations too.

    2. Thanks for the update Barry that all sounds good. I will keep an ever watchful eye on the blog

  5. Oh boy, I feel as giddy as a school boy at a Subbuteo Convention! WSS is definitely mouth watering to me, and BLB3? I have been waiting for this since Historicon 2016! Can't wait.

    1. Nearly there Patrick. I am sure Clarence may be tempted to sneak a preview soon!


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