Clarence Harrison (Quindia Studios)
I have been collecting and painting miniatures for more than 30 years, but my passion for this period started in 2006 when I began collaborating with Barry Hilton on the first edition of the Beneath the Lily Banners rule book. The success of that project launched others, including Republic to Empire, the second edition of Beneath the Lily Banners, and the upcoming Donnybrook. Besides the books I also handle graphic design for Warfare Miniatures and produce a range of flags under the banner of Quindia Studios. My main area of interest is the Glorious Revolution and I have amassed a respectable Williamite army of Dutch, Danish, English, and Irish built exclusively with Warfare Miniatures. I have plans to continue to expand the army as well as build a collection of Jacobites so I might actually get to PLAY some games with my toys!

Barry Hilton (THE League of Augsburg)
Simply put, wargaming and military history is one of the cornerstones of my life. Outside of work, it is my all consuming passion. The period between 1670 and 1720 in particular has fascinated me for nearly 25 years, I am attracted by the battles, the uniforms, the tactics, the personalities and the politics. I spend my free time painting, writing, gaming and walking battlefields. I am lucky to have a super bunch of mates who share my enthusiasm and are great fun to enjoy the hobby with. Some of them are right here on this blog with me. Between us we want our enthusiasm to rub off on gamers who are new to the period as well as share and learn with all of you fellow obsessionals out there. We want the emphasis here to be on sharing, learning and fun. I hope you get a kick out of what we are doing.

David O'Brien
I've been wargaming for more years than I care to remember and have fought every period there is to game. Apart from the painting and gaming aspect of the hobby I have always enjoyed researching new periods which has then led on to writing numerous articles in various wargames publications as well as having had a set of rules on the Hundred Years War and a booklet on skirmish actions of the American War of Independence. My interest in the period generally called 'the Marlburian' period started many years ago when a group of friends got me involved in a Koenig Kreig game and I got inspired by the colour with multi-coloured uniforms in each army as well as all the fantastic flags. Not knowing much about the period I started studying the history, uniforms and personalities. It was through my interest in the period that I got to meet Barry Hilton and picked up more inspiration about the Nine Years War, Jacobite Rebellions and The Great Northern War and was eventually asked to take part in playtesting the first edition of Beneath the Lilly Banners then moved onto Republic to Empire, the 2nd Edition of Beneath the Lilly Banners and now all the new rules that are being worked on.

Bob Talbot

My earliest wargaming memories are of buying Airfix HO scale figures, didn't matter if they were Arabs or Confederates, they were all welcome in my games. That was 40+ years ago, and things have moved on a bit since then in the wargaming world, although plastics are the "in" thing again!!

I have always had a love of history, especially military history, and with the encouragement of my late Father I joined a small but enthusiastic band of gamers, The South Beds Immortals, with the rather unique Wally Hearle at the helm. Wally and I had some truly fantastic games, ranging from huge 15mm ACW affairs, to large scale Renaissance encounters, often lasting several days, oh to be 16 again and have nothing to get in the way of gaming.

But life changes and I moved on from the club, to a wargaming wilderness, and I became more of a figure painter and collector, having no gaming outlet nearby, and yet Barry Hilton was a mere 20 miles up the road, sadly still unbeknown to me.I still kept a keen interest in the hobby, watching it develop through magazines and shows, but still unable to participate. That was until a chance remark at Partizan, brought me into contact with members of this blog, and the rest they say is "history".

Large numbers of figures for new periods were needed, initially Napoleonics,and then for a period of which I knew virtually nothing, the wars of the late 17th century. As has been said before the sheer colour and variety of uniforms, as well as the fact that a quick flag change allows you to field an entirely different army lent itself to me, and I was hooked.

I still love to paint figures, but I now also get the chance to game with them, and some really nice blokes as well. It's great that we now have the internet to help us research our armies, but also to sit with a cup of tea and look at some great "eye candy", so enjoy our offerings.

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